MILFs (Moms I’d Like to Friend) | Carey Reilly | MomCave LIVE Ep 50

On our next MomCave LIVE, meet Carey Reilly of as we talk MILFs… Moms I’d Like to FRIEND.

Finding mom friends is HARD. Sometimes it feels like high school all over again! We’re taking back the acronym “MILF.” (not that we aren’t f*able…) and changing the F to “friend.” Because now that we’re moms, our friendships have changed. We’re in a new stage of life and our friendships (or lack of them!) reflect that.

Carey is a Comedian, TV Host and Yahoo Travel! Contributor. You’ve seen her on Today Show, VH-1. Food Network and Wendy Williams Show. 

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  • Crystal Gomez

    I’m currently 17 weeks and I’ve been craving Gummy Bears really bad!

  • Crystal Rose

    I wanted chocolate and coffee, the same things I normally enjoy.


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