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Kids Cursing Kid Says Asshole Blabbermom

What if you kid wanted to say “asshole” just this once? In this new episode of Blabbermom, Midge blabs about kids cursing. And oh the things they say!

What is your policy on kids cursing? Obviously, my son isn’t allowed. But that’s more because I don’t want OTHER people to judge him (or me!) or him to curse once he is in school and it’s against the rules. Curse words in general don’t bother me. But I’ve definitely toned down my language since becoming a mom. My kid repeats everything!

Midge is an amazing mom of two grown boys (who turned out quite well despite this asshole cursing incident), as well as being the owner of Miss Midgie’s Preschool in Babylon, New York, and the author of “The Missing Mommy Cure.”

Midge Blabs About Kids Cursing

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