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An intimate peek into the home life of the viral mom star Meredith Masony of That’s Inappropriate and Filter Free Parents. It’s a Meredith Masony interview on Ask a MOM! We dish about mom underwear and granny panties, folding laundry, a brilliant new way of disciplining kids, Meredith’s husband, Dave, and more.

Ask a MOM with guest Meredith Masony from That’s Inappropriate

Transcript of our interview (but it’s more fun to watch the video!)

Meredith Masony: Hello.

Jen: They probably pop up. Hey everybody! This is Jen from MomCave and I’m here live with Meredith from That’s Inappropriate. We were just talking about how we can look at your comments because, you can ask Meredith anything.

Meredith Masony: Anything? Anything, why not?

Jen: Yeah. You don’t have to answer anything.

Meredith Masony:

Jen: Oh. It’s not like a, it’s not like truth or dare. It’s too early for that. But, it’s Ask Mom, where I’ve been interviewing internet famous moms. And I think that you are internet famous, Meredith.

Meredith Masony:: Well, thank you. I don’t know about famous or infamous, or.

Jen: I think if you have to fold your own clothes then you’re kind of internet famous.

Meredith Masony: Kind of? Well, I wouldn’t let anybody else fold my clothes. I’m very particular about how I fold my underpants, so.

Jen: Okay. Can you tell me how you fold your underpants? That has to be my first question, obviously.

Meredith Masony: Okay. So, I don’t like when, well, first of all, here are my big ugly granny panties. I’ll show the whole internet, don’t care, right?

Jen: Somehow on Mom Cave we’re always showing people granny panties. That’s what happens to your butt when you get older.

Meredith Masony: But, I don’t like when people just throw them in the drawers, so I have to do a halfsie and then fold so that they stack.

Jen: So your drawers look all like Victoria Secret.

Meredith Masony: No. Just, I don’t have many drawers, I have four.

Jen: Okay.

Meredith Masony:  So, I have to fit everything in four drawers. So I have to fit my sports bras, my socks, my underpants, and I don’t wear real bras. I only wear sports bras. I don’t, I don’t actually, I own one real bra, and I do all I can to avoid wearing it.

Jen: Totally.

Meredith Masony:  So… because it has to fit because there’s not a lot of drawer space.

Jen: I would have never pegged you as somebody who needed to fold her underwear a certain way, ’cause you’re a such an unfussy person. Otherwise, I have decided not to fold my underwear or a lot of things. I don’t fold my pajamas, my underwear or my workout clothes. I’ve decided to just throw them in, all like Willy nilly. My Mother’s so embarrassed and ashamed of me, but why fold them?

Meredith Masony: And I side with your mother. Get your life right. What are you doing?

Jen: Look, I have enough things that I need to concentrate on getting together before I concentrate on my folding techniques. Why fold something that’s just… I don’t care if it’s wrinkled, and it’s not going to get that wrinkled, and no one’s going to see it. I don’t go anywhere! Especially this past year. How about you?

Meredith Masony: We haven’t gone anywhere in forever. So it’s kinda like, you know although we, I think what happened was, we moved during this.

Jen: Yes.

Meredith Masony: So, when we moved, I realized that I gave up a lot of my drawer space, because we didn’t take a lot of the furniture from the old house, we just sold everything. And when we came here, my husband was like, “I’m just building those closet things in the closet and you get these four drawers.” Now, everything else can pretty much be hung, but like you’re not hanging your underpants, right? So like, I have this much space.

Jen: Has he, has he actually built those things yet?

Meredith Masony: It’s not done. We were actually on my live this morning, bitching about how I walked around the house and showed all the projects my husband had started and not finished. And I was just like, it would be great if he could finish, just finish one thing. Like I was talking about this frame that never got cocked, or sealed, or painted, my chairs that never got Scotchgarded, my pictures that never got hung. The rug mat that we just bought, hasn’t been cut. So the rug is sitting on top of the rug mat and the rug mat sticks a foot and a half out.

Jen: Yeah nice.

Meredith Masony: And then later he’ll watch this and then he’ll come and bitch at me and say that I’m ungrateful. And it’s like, I said, you know, what if I started something, and then got right to where it was almost done.

Jen: And you stopped.

Meredith Masony: And then I stopped. How angry would you be? ‘Cause I know how angry I am. And I know how angry you get.

Jen: That’s great! You found a way to relate even that back to the core of your marital relations.

Meredith Masony: Well, I mean, that’s his love language, right?

Jen: Right.

Meredith Masony: My love language is when you do things for me and I see that you’ve completed.

Jen: Right. I know that you’re very loved. Excuse the loud noise of the garbage man that’s now decided that this is the exact minute to come and collect four garbage cans. I’ll just talk louder. It’s funny that you bring up your husband because I have questions. I see we have some people watching. You can ask Meredith anything. You have her for a few minutes we’re going to ask her questions. She may or may not answer. It’s going to be fun. I was looking at all of the posts on my website the other day, from like way back years and years, and seeing like, you know which post did well in which search terms did well. And you wrote a post like years ago, “11 Types of married Sex.” Remember that one?

Meredith Masony: Yeah.

Jen: So I noticed that it gets a lot of visits from Google from people who are searching, who is Meredith Masony’s husband? What does Meredith Masony’s husband do for a living? Does Meredith have a husband? So apparently people are searching the internet, or like searching Google to find out about your marriage. Did you know that?

-Meredith Masony: I think some people don’t believe someone would marry me.

Jen: Could be that. Could be that.

Meredith Masony: Which is fine. I’m not offended by that at all. But then people do get curious what goes on camera and he, you can hear him. If you listen, you can hear him in the background cause he’s normally around..

Jen: Right.

Meredith Masony: But he does in fact exist. He does in fact have a job. He works with me. He produces the podcast. He runs our parenting website. He does a lot of the stuff. And then he normally, in a normal year when I’m traveling he’s here with the kids

Jen: Dad yeah.

Meredith Masony: Taking care of the kids. But you know, we, we didn’t make it. It’s not like it was some big secret thing. We both used to be teachers.

Meredith Masony husband Dave smiling and happy photo of Meredith and Dave Masony
Meredith Masony with husband, Dave.

Jen: What did you teach?

Meredith Masony: I have a degree in history. So I taught history for a while. And then I switched over to PE, because I really like PE and sports and stuff. So I taught health, PE, sex ed, everything a gamete.

Jen: Right. I’m sure when you were teaching sex ed, you were leaving out the 11 types of marriage sex. It’s like a little advanced for those kids

Meredith Masony: Apparently. But no, those times, not as hard. Everybody has parts, and everybody figures out how to put the parts together.

Meredith: Totally so I’m not going to be, like I find it very, I just think that people want to keep things quiet and it’s like we all know everybody’s

Jen: Right.

Meredith Masony: touching themselves, like why is this a secret?

Jen: I’m a big fan of just being completely honest with the kids in an age appropriate way. You don’t have to give them every detail but like, don’t hide that there’s this thing called sex. And that’s how you got here. And that’s what your parents do, hopefully.

Meredith Masony: And well know, I think it’s a sign of a, of a happy marriage more than not, that we continue to touch each other. so like, you should…

Jen: Yeah.

Meredith Masony: We’re still touching each other. I mean, of course, you know, like I said, you’re right. It’s age appropriate. It’s things that they need to know but it’s, it is part, it’s part of life. And I would hope that they grow up and get married and continue to have married sex, you know?

Jen: Totally. You know, I know people always talk about like when they had the talk with their parents or something, and I realized I never had the talk, but not because they were hiding it. It was just, Oh, I always knew what it was and what it was about and where babies came from. My mom is really open that way. Maybe too open. But, so it wasn’t like this uncomfortable thing. And I always felt like I could talk to her about it and it was cool that way. So I think, I think that works.

Meredith Masony: Yeah. My parents weren’t very open about it. No. We never had any talks. By the time high school hit, It was like don’t get pregnant. I think was what was said.

Jen: Well, that’s a good rule you know, don’t get pregnant in high school.  Understood.

Meredith Masony: Although, my high school had a daycare.

Jen: No.

Meredith Masony: Yeah. We lived in a very small town and one of the portables was the portable where you some of the girls would drop their kids off before class.

Jen: Wow.

Meredith Masony: Was that one of their class periods had to be in the nursery with the kids helping.

Meredith Masony: Okay. Because we, we did have, you know we wanted them to, to continue to graduate and get, you know, get a high school degrees. So they, they made it work. But we had plenty of people having kids in high school.

Jen: Great.

Meredith Masony: Like it wasn’t so shocking when it happened. I think part of that is small town part of that, I think, it was, the nineties were weird.

Jen: All around.

Meredith Masony: All around.

Jen: Like biologically, people are ready to have kids. Uh oh, somebody’s here. I feel somebody Ava, didn’t I ask you to stay inside for 15 minutes? That’s Meredith. Do you know that Meredith is one of those ladies when I went on the trip to Chicago? we were all in a house together being crazy mamas. Remember that?

Jen’s Daughter:  No.

Meredith Masony: I remember, You don’t remember that?

Jen: No. I went, bye bye for a whole weekend. I wasn’t there. You didn’t even notice huh?

Jen’s Daughter: No. Okay. Well. That shows how good I did. Okay. Well I guess you can stay if you’re quiet and I try not to be too inappropriate.. I’ll say, Hey Dina, Dina saying, Hi. Dina asked Meredith something, ask her a pressing question. I was saying like, since by biologically humans are made to start having babies so young. And it’s like almost this weird cultural thing we’ve put on it. I mean, I didn’t start having babies till I was old old, in my thirties, mid to late. But my mom had me when she was 21 and that was considered like pretty old. She got started late in our small town.

Jen’s Daughter: Why is there a camera on your computer?

Jen: There’s a camera on my computer so I can talk to people like Meredith.

Jen’s Daughter: So, they’re watching our video?

Jen: Yeah, some people are watching our video and they’re going to ask questions. Um. Okay. So we can leave that topic since Ava has now come out here. Ava, are you going to get married?

Jen’s Daughter: I’m going to marry another girl.

Jen: Okay. We’ll talk about that when this live is over. Dina says she loves your cow. What’s the story of the cow behind you?

Meredith Masony: This is Bessie and she’s my best friend. And, I got her several years ago. My aunt, and uncle and my cousin, who’s my best friend, and his husband got this for me for Christmas a long time ago because I was obsessed with having a cow to hang in my house. But I couldn’t find the cow that I wanted. So I, I was looking for months cause I was like it has to be the right cow. And we, I have to know, I have to make a connection with the cow and I was particular about it. And they were out shopping one day

– and found this in Kirkland’s

Jen: Wow.

Meredith Masony: for like, my uncle was like is this the kind of cow she wants? And my cousin was like, I think this is the cow. And so I got this and it was like the best Christmas gift ever. And it has now moved with me. in my house. And I just, I don’t know. I love it. It’s like she can see in your soul.

Jen: I know. And she has kind of crazy eyes like us. Like she’s a little, she’s a little freaked out. She’s a little disorganized, but I like that. It’s not like one of those kitschy country-style cows. So this is a modern art style cow.

Meredith Masony: All these colors are like my favorite colors. Like when you put them all together. So like in my house, if I turned the camera, you’d see gray and blue and and some orange and some red. Like I have every color that’s in here. There’s something else. So I always try to pick and find stuff that matched the cow.

Jen: There you go again being like a decorator that folds her underwear. has they say, thinks about these things, who know?

Jen’s Daughter (laughs.): Underwear.

Meredith Masony: Underwear.

Jen: That’s so funny. Dina has a question for you. She says, Mere, tell us about your wheel of consequences.

Meredith Masony: Let’s get the wheel and then we can explain this.

Jen: Okay.

Meredith Masony: Your daughter can let me know if she thinks this is a great idea.

Jen: Yeah. I think it is a great idea. When I saw that, I was like, it’s a great idea. I wish I could just buy that instead of making it I think you should make them and sell them. That’s what my husband said. So… They would sell.

Meredith Masony: Well apparently, I gave the Amazon link that I bought it on and we sold out their company.

Jen: What?

Meredith Masony: Yeah. I wish I would have made some money off of that one, huh?

Jen: I know You should have affiliate link that or something. Okay. Look at this.

Meredith Masony:  This is called the Wheel of Misfortune. What happens when my children whom don’t listen very often do things that I tell them not do like leave their dirty clothes on the floor. If I go into their room and I have to pick up their clothing, I take it, I put it in a bag, and then they have to spin this wheel to get their stuff back.

Meredith Masony: Ohh. If they spin the wheel and do the chore, I take whatever I took from them. and I donate it to a Goodwill or salvation army.

Jen: Oh man.

Meredith Masony: So when they spin the wheel, it lands and it says, sweep and mop the floor. So that’s what..

Jen: Alright.

Meredith Masony: they do to get their stuff back. Now, if they sass mouth me, if they don’t go to bed on time, if they don’t do something the first time I ask, they spin the wheel, and whatever the consequences is, clean the toilets..

Jen: Oh, that’s a bad one. Now. but what if they do a good enough job or they just half ass clean the toilets?

Meredith Masony: No, if they half ass it, they spin again.

Jen:  Awwww. Cause I…

Meredith Masony: So keep spinning multiple times for various infringements. But the reason that we did this was because I realized that they were getting to be quite a bit entitled.

Jen: Hmm. Do you know what entitled means?

Jen’s Daughter: No. 

Jen: Like when I say you’re acting spoiled you don’t say please, and you just expect things right.

Meredith Masony: Not in these parts no more.

Jen: Not happening anymore. We’re currently at the grandparents, my mom’s house, cause it’s their spring break and that’s when a lot of the entitled happens, because they’re being spoiled by the grandparents and then, it just becomes like a ball of spoilage. Right.

Meredith Masony: Sometimes it’s okay, specially with the grandparents to have these things kind of slip in special time but...

Jen: Yeah.

Meredith Masony: My kids are 15, 12 and 10. If they can’t put their underpants in the washing machine, then you don’t get underpants.

Jen: Totally.

Meredith Masony: I own your underpants and then you have to spend to get back your underpants. and if you don’t, they go away.

Jen: But my ten-year-old wouldn’t care so much about that since he never wants to change his underpants or his clothes.

Meredith Masony: So somebody asked me the other day. What happens if they spin and they refuse to do it. And I said, well, then they’re grounded in their room. whatever it is in their room that they want to do. So it’s, it could be an electronic, it could be the PS whatever, it could be anything. But you’re going to go to your room and you’re going to sit there and you’re going to be bored and have zero fun because its not…

Jen: You have to really get creative. You know, in previous generations they had other ways of disciplining. I got my share of spankings. And since if you’re not going to do that, if you’re not gonna be use physical means you got to come. You have to really be creative and really like a loop

Meredith Masony: Spanking doesn’t work and other times, cause I mean we definitely swatted butts when they were little.

Jen: Yeah.

Meredith Masony: But, you know, my 15 year old is bigger than me now.Hmm. And so he got a nasty mouth with me the other day and I just started singing and we’ll be spinning.

Jen: You spin in the wheel.

Meredith Masony: There’ll be spin. And he was so mad and I said, we can do this all night. Cause here’s the thing, I’ve got nothing but time do what you want to do. You want to keep going? And eventually he stopped and he landed on dinner dishes, and he got to do the dinner dishes and I checked everything. But like, I’m not doing this is not a thing that I’m doing anymore. I, they literally pushed me over the edge a couple of weeks ago. And I said, that’s it. I’m done.

Jen: You could get a real cow now that you have the kids spin the wheel. They could be like in charge of feeding the cow milking the cow and picking up after the cow.

Meredith Masony: Yeah. I mean, I guess I don’t want a cow, personally.

Jen: You just want a picture of a cow

Meredith Masony: So we’re pretty good on that department and she’s very messy and she’s also only going to be two. So she’s still very puppy, full on on animal, things that poop. I don’t want anything else now.

Jen: Nope. I don’t want any other poopers. Elizabeth is commenting. I’m totally going to do this, when mine get older I wish there was more age appropriate ones. My two are youngest are two and four.

Meredith Masony: All right. So you just have to make it age appropriate.

Jen: Right.

 Meredith Masony: So a two year old, understand I need you to pick it up and put it here.

Jen: Yeah.

Meredith Masony: So when they refuse to do it, then you step in with whatever your consequences but you can make the great thing about this wheel is that this erases, and then I just write a new chore in.

Jen: I love it. So on a daily basis, if something needs doing at home you can add that onto your wheel?

Meredith Masony: I just change. Wash the windows, walk the dogs, and I added, unload the dishwasher.

Jen: Nice.

Meredith Masony: So they had done other things. I erased it and added more and..

Jen: That was so smart.

Meredith Masony: We just erased it.

Meredith Masony: If you go a full week and nobody has to spin, I said then I’ll erase all of this and I’ll put a win on the wheel.

Jen: Ooh.

Meredith Masony: But we have made it a day without having to do multiple spins yet.

Jen: Of course not. what would happen if you made a wheel that was also for your spouse?

Meredith Masony: We were talking about that this morning when I was showing everybody the unfinished and they said make the wheel for Dave. And he asked to spin and do a project. But you know, Dave likes to remind me frequently that I’m not his mother, not my job to tell him what to do. And I respect that. But as his partner, I’d like my chair’s scotch on them..

Jen: Totally.

Meredith Masony: and making the, they still have the plastic

Jen: Yeah.

Meredith Masony:  this plastic off because people at some point will enter my home.

Jen: Right. You don’t want it to be ruined before anyone even gets to see it.

Meredith Masony:  The future, I would like to have other adults over to my house and I asked him to take it off of the chairs because it looks..

Jen: I know I almost want to just cover the whole house in plastic until like she’s a little older

Meredith Masony:  Older furniture is different, right? Like, that was like a statement. No,I mean, like they all had it. Like I remember sitting on the couch and you just hear it crinkling.

Jen: Well, yeah. It’s like, I have, I’ve done well enough in my life that I was able to purchase this sofa. You know, it’s like a point of pride and no one’s going to mess up my cellphone now.

Meredith Masony:  Well, it was like a statement piece on top of it. And then.. house that I remember had a room you weren’t allowed to go in. 

Jen: Yes.

Meredith Masony: And like, that doesn’t matter really anymore. Right. But like in that room, like my grandmother was coming after me with the hairbrush and you were getting, you were getting whacked in the back of them and they were wooden hairbrushes. So you would have a, not for like a week, if grandma’s nice living room, because there was no plastic in that living room.

Jen: Right.

Meredith Masony:  So, and if he’s on her mint, green sofa, you were at so like that doesn’t really exist anymore, but I’d still like to have some nice things but they just, it doesn’t exist with kids and..

Jen:No dogs that’s so I won’t get one.

Meredith Masony: Yeah. So like I have there’s a dog right there.

Jen: Aww.

Meredith Masony: Now she’s old. So we let her up on the couch, but there’s my horse. They’re not allowed on the couch. But every day she tries to climb up on the couch and she gets her muddy footprints instead and you know.. She needs a wheel, but they can’t understand it.

Jen: Great. It’s almost 11. And I know you have to go cause you have a business call at 11.

Meredith Masony: Yeah.

Jen: Oops. I don’t know, cut out for a second. But if, if anybody has any further amazing questions for Meredith, you can put them in the comments and I’ll shoot them over to you. Nobody asks you anything too scary.

Meredith Masony: No. You know, people always, they ask like how did you come up with this to do this as like, your job?

Jen: It just happened.

Meredith Masony: Yeah, to have this be my job. I said, but what I did want to do, and the reason that I started this and it’s probably close to the same reason you started, what you’re doing is because I felt like I was the only one going through this and I knew there had to be other.

Jen: Right.

Meredith Masony: And that’s why I remember reaching out to you years ago and saying, Hey, like, how’s its started. what’s going on? Like, why are you, why are you doing this? And it was like, well, because this is crazy. This entire crazy.

Jen: Yeah and go crazy and we felt so isolated. And when you, I now know there’s a lot of of this great comedy stuff online for moms, but it seems like years ago there wasn’t and it was only like how did you perfect things and be a lovely mommy and keep your house and Pinterest and that just made us feel, so ***ty

Meredith Masony: Yeah.

Jen: Yeah..

Meredith Masony: Yeah, Outlook. I mean I’m seven years in. You’ve got to be what? Eight. Nine.

Jen: Yeah, yeah.

Meredith Masony: Yeah, it’s great.

Jen: And we do this, we do this thing. Well, thank you for sharing your home, your wheel your laundry and your underwear with us.

Meredith Masony: Anytime you let me know, he might..

Jen: All right. Everybody go check out Meredith, if you don’t already know or just click on the thing that avail.. thingy in the description. Right. And her blog has, That’s Inappropriate. She’s hilarious and awesome. And I thank you very much.

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