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I hate to brag, but I’m what you would call a domestic diva. I feed my family Pinterest worthy meals every night. They frequently compliment my cooking ability. If you follow this simple meals for dummies plan, you can be a culinary goddess in your family’s eyes as well. 

Sunday Night

I like to start the week off right. The kids get to choose their favorite type of cereal and leave Mommy alone, while she watches The Walking Dead. (Pop Tarts can be served instead of cereal if you are out of milk.)

Monday Night

As we are running from one child’s event or practice to another, I throw sandwiches at them and scream in my best Oprah voice, “You get a sandwich, and you get a sandwich, everybody gets sandwiches!” I’m sure if they weren’t busy scarfing down sandwiches, they would holler and applaud.

Tuesday Night

Taco Tuesday in the house. Woot! Woot! I suggest the local drive through taco joint. The special sauce is questionable, but who has the time to brown hamburger and remember to buy shredded cheese? Also, the fast food napkins make good tissues when you are crying and watching This is Us.

Wednesday Night

It’s the middle of the week and time to make your family a nice hot home cooked meal. I suggest the Macaroni and Cheese, because it’s way easier to make than the other boxed meals that want you to open tuna cans and stuff. Don’t forget to take a picture of this succulent meal for social media, because none of your friends have probably seen a meal this great before. #winning

Thursday Night

Thursday is frozen pizza night. Throw two pizza’s in at 425 and 15-20 minutes later….voila a wonderful Italian meal. If you don’t have a chance to go to the store to buy frozen pizza, you can always call your local pizza place and have them deliver. Its way more expensive, but totally less work.

Friday Night

I like to call Friday night, “fend for yourself night.” You have been slaving over healthy fulfilling meals for your family all week. Tonight sit back and relax with a glass bottle of wine, while you let the kids figure out what to eat. Don’t worry about the toddler, I am sure there are some Dorito crumbs on the floor he can feed himself.

Saturday Night

This is my favorite night of the week. I make my husband take me to a fancy five-star restaurant and it’s up to the babysitter to feed the kids. I know she is only fourteen, but I hear she makes a mean grilled cheese. Just make sure your sitter knows that tin foil can’t go in the microwave and that little Johnny has a peanut allergy.

Congrats mama! You made it through your first week. You are officially a truly fabulous homemaker. Just repeat this plan every week and your family will be singing your praises.


(Disclaimer: 9 out of 10 women who followed this meal plan for a year, ended up divorced and obese, but the 10th woman is still blissfully happy.)

Easy Meals for Dummies MomCave

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