Maternity Wedding Dresses That Will Take Their Breath Away 2024

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It’s the 21st Century and it’s time for women to stop being ashamed to admit that they (gasp!) had sexual relations with a dude before agreeing to spend the rest of their lives together. Maybe you planned to get pregnant or maybe getting pregnant led you to decide to marry. Either way, you can still wear the WHITE wedding dress every little girl dreams of. Sure, it’s a symbol of purity but purity doesn’t have to mean virginity. In fact, your white maternity wedding dress could symbolize the purity of the family bonds you are about to form. Here are maternity wedding dresses that are guaranteed to take his (or her…) breath away! Happy shopping!

Maternity Wedding Dresses Long Sleeve

Long sleeved tulle romantic maternity wedding gown
Tulle Romantic Long Sleeved Maternity Wedding Gown $27.99
simple elegant long sleeved maternity wedding dress gown
White Faux-Wrap Maternity Wedding Dress $46.95

This super-stretchy (and affordable!) dress comes in a ton of other colors and prints, too. There are almost 2,000 reviews with real customer photos so you can see how it looks on you.

off the shoulder long sleeved maxi maternity wedding gown
Off the Shoulder Maternity Wedding Dress $49.95

Maternity Wedding Dresses Lace

off the shoulder ruffle sleeve maternity wedding dress
Off the Shoulder Ruffle Sleeve Lace Maternity Wedding Gown $39.99

This sweet maternity gown is less structured flowy lace with cute short sleeves.

fitted lace mermaid off the shoulder maternity wedding gown dress
Fitted Lace Mermaid Off the
Shoulder Wedding Gown $39.99
off the shoulder lace maternity wedding dress
Off the Shoulder Lace Maternity Wedding Gown $59.99

This maternity gown comes in pure white or champagne (as pictured above.) It’s made of soft cotton with stretch and has no zippers, etc. It’s a complete pull-on.

lace maternity wedding dress
Lace Maternity Wedding Gown $39.98

Maternity Wedding Dresses Short

elegant bishop sleeve short pencil skirt maternity wedding dress
Elegant Bishop Sleeve Short Pencil Skirt Maternity Dress $29.99

This one has excellent reviews, but some mamas mention it needs a slip underneath since it is a bit sheer.

batwing cape off the shoulder maternity wedding dress
Batwing Cape Off the Shoulder Maternity Dress $29.99

This elegant maternity wedding dress hugs the belly beautifully and is so pretty with the cape detail on the back.

Maternity Wedding Accessories

Maternity Slips

maternity wedding dress slip sharewear
Maternity Dress Shapewear $24.99
maternity dress slip
Once-Piece V-Neck Maternity Dress Slip $15.99

Maternity Shapewear

maternity shapewear
Seamless Over-the-Belly Maternity Shapewear $15.99


lace applique wedding veil
Lace Applique Wedding Veil $15.99
simple elegant wedding veil
Simple Short Wedding Veil $7.99

Other Fun Maternity Wedding Accessories

silver and crystal bridal headband
Silver and Crystal Bridal Headband $19.99
bridal shaw wrap
Bridal Shaw Wrap $12.96

This bridal shaw wrap comes in colors of silver, white, ivory, and gold and is perfect for concealing the little bit of weight on your upper arms that pregnancy has brought.

faux fur bridal wrap with crystal
Faux Fur Bridal Wrap with Crystal $35.66

For a winter wedding, warm your shoulders with a faux-fur wrap. They come in a bunch of different colors, too.

bridal sun hat
Bridal Sun Hat $19.99
Mud Pie women's bride sequin tote
Mud Pie Women’s Bride Sequined Tote $24.99
satin bride robe
Satin Bride Robe $12.99

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Maternity Wedding Dresses Affordable and Breathtaking Maternity Wedding Gowns MomCaveTV

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