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Martinis and Minivans Weird Mom Combos MomCave LIVE

Danielle Herzog is the mom behind Martinis and Minivans, “a blog for anyone who needed a martini after driving a minivan”  and our guest on this week’s MomCave LIVE.

I first found Danielle on Twitter and soon realized that I was re-tweeting EVERY SINGLE ONE of her tweets. They were that funny.

Some Martinis and Minivans Weird Mom Combos MomCave LIVEgems:

-It’s perfectly fitting that we stick pictures of our children on the very appliance that holds the cold beer that we need to parent them

. -New word I’d like to submit to Websters: askhole: (n) a person who constantly asks your advice yet never follows it. Ever. Then complains.

-Husband asked if I’d ever want a stand-up desk. Told him I got one the day I became a #mother (pointing to laptop on kitchen counter).

This just may have been one of our craziest episodes yet! Ten minutes before we were to go “LIVE”, a storm knocked down a tree causing my internet to go out. I jumped in the car, raced through the snow, rain, and fog, over to my brother-in-law’s house, ran down into his leaking from the storm basement, and went LIVE with Valisa and Danielle. We talked about weird mom combos, martinis, playground b*tches, adult diapers, husbands and more…

Martinis and Minivans — Weird Mom Combos

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