Mama Bear Freak-outs, a Practical Guide

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You know that unexplained moment that no one sees coming? When sanity is shoved aside to protect our children like some crazed superhero? We have all experienced a time when our inner Mama Bear came out.  


We can ignore our kids, yell at them or hide from them in the bathroom but they are OUR kids. We’re allowed. However, one wrong move from an unsuspecting outsider and all hell will break loose.  It’s as if an unseen force takes over our body and begins spewing words we don’t even use. Well, that’s our defense anyway.Motherhood Parenting

While no technology can predict an outbreak, there are a few common characteristics associated with a Mama Bear spotting:


 – Wrong place wrong time – She is already having a bad day and the perpetrator has no clue what’s about to transpire. Just one snide remark or crooked look at her child, and watch out.


 – It’s the small things – Any tiny miscommunication can be the culprit but by the time she is finished it will seem like WWIII is in full swing.


 – Timing is everything – PMS is a possible contributing factor – not always but often. (NEVER say that to her though!)


 – Sorry isn’t enough – She will not back down until she gets an apology, her kids gets an apology and there is some form of public humiliation involved.


 – There is strength in numbers – The more people that witness her freak-out the better. Miserable Mamas love company.


 – Men – what men? – Sensing an impending mama bear outbreaks, men head for the hills (or the closest bar).


 – Admit nothing – While never copping to it, she will be embarrassed and feel awful afterward. (Not that she did ANYTHING wrong!)


If you are a mom and you have not yet experienced this, then beware.  Latent Mama Bears are the most dangerous kind.  When someone messes with your cub for the very first time, I pity the person on the receiving end.

There is no greater warrior than a mother protecting her child. – N.K. Jemisin

This post was inspired by a friend whose inner Mama Bear came out over a plastic fork. That’s a story for another time. Until then – happy protecting.

Mama Bear Freak outs MomCave


Joelene Wolfe

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