Making Mom Friends is Worse than Dating! Guest Momma Lew

Making Mom friends is worse than dating!

Is there a Tinder for moms? Why is so hard to find mom friends? And when you do find them, what do you do with them? There’s a whole politic to playdates!  On this week’s MomCave LIVE, we talk with Reesa, the blogger behind about making mom friends 

Making Mom Friends

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Listen to this live episode as a podcast “Making Mom Friends is Worse Than Dating” on MomCave LIVE with Reesa Lewandowski aka Momma Lew



  • Heather Dangerfield

    I want to win this for my cousin and his fiance. They just had their first little boy!

  • thalia h

    I want to win this for myself, ive never had a breast pump and now that I am on my second I want to be able to have daddy and others be able to feed so I can rest.

  • RJ

    You all are too funny. My only non-computer mom friends are my sister and sister-in-law and thankfully neither care if I’m still in my pajamas at noon. I would love a few more “real life” mom friends, but frankly it’s too exhausting.

  • Jane Metcalfe

    This looks like such a useful contraption! Thanks for the great giveaway. 🙂

  • nipa

    This will be so useful as i am pumping for my 3 month old rightnow


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