LIVE with Tova | We Love Our Kids… Especially When They Are SLEEPING!

Sleeping Kids MomCave

We’re a parenting humor website. Much of the humor of motherhood comes from making lemons into lemonade. (Mostly vodka lemonade.) That’s just my bloggy way of saying that we joke about the challenges of parenthood. Because challenges are funny and relatable. 

So we don’t talk about the “good” stuff so often. Like how our kids are our world. And that inspires some sanctimommies of the internet to question if we really, really love our kids. 

Well, duh. I addressed those sanctimommies here. As for the rest of us, (what do we call ourselves? NON-sanctimommies?) we can joke about how we like our kids better when they are asleep. Check out the video below with our hilarious friend Tova.

LIVE with Tova | We Love Our Kids… Especially when they are ASLEEP!



It’s amazing how I can be totally fed up and done for the day but once the kids are asleep and I have some time to myself to breathe, I miss them! They are the sweetest when they are asleep. And the quietest.

Sleeping Kids MomCave

Tova on MomCave LIVE We Love Our Kids, Especially When They Are Asleep!


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