Lice & Other Gross Stuff | 47 Secrets to a Younger You | MomCave LIVE Ep 54


Our kids are lovable and snuggle-able. Except when they make our skin crawl. Since becoming a mom, have you dealt with more gross crap than you ever imagined? 

On this episode, we talk about lice and other gross stuff moms encounter. Our guests are the funny mamas behind the comedy 47 Secrets to a Younger You.


A scene from “47 Secrets to a Younger You.” Ugh. Lice.

Live tweet with us during the broadcast @MomCaveTV. We want to know, what’s the grossest thing you’ve ever done for your kids? My head is itching just thinking about it…

Lice & Other Gross Stuff.. 47 Secrets to a Younger You

This episode’s giveaway is an invention to help moms deal with one of the gross things we’ll discuss… snot. When your child is suffering, those old-fashioned bulb-thingys just don’t cut it. Enter below to win a fancy battery operated portable nasal aspirator from Baby Smile.



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One comment

  • natasha lamoreux

    I think the grossest thing is puke with a side of diarhea. Ugh stomach flu


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