Family Music Video Series | “Let’s Dance” | New Episode of Mama Jams

family music video series

“Let’s Dance!” Valisa and her adorable family are back with a brand new episode of “Mama Jams,” our family music video series. Valisa, her adorable daughters, and sometimes their hot daddy, cover rock and roll’s greatest hits using only household items and children’s musical instruments!

“Let’s Dance” Cover | Mama Jams | Family Music Video Series on

Episode notes from Valisa:

The girls are getting more and more comfortable in front of the camera as MAMA JAMS evolves. In fact, they were arguing for equal screen time during the making of this episode. They’re both very familiar with the song because I’m such a Bowie fan. Plus, I used to show them this video on VH1 Classics a lot when they were babies.

family music video series

The Girls Get Silly

And here’s a BONUS OUTTAKE from “Let’s Dance!” 

Let's Dance Mama Jams MomCave Family Music Video Series




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