Leak Proof Sippy Cup?!?! | THE SIPPY CUP CHALLENGE

Leak Proof Sippy Cup Sippy Cup Challenge MomCave

Which of these things actually exists?

♦A husband that prefers to do his own laundry.
♦Skinny jeans that don’t show my ass crack when I bend down.
♦Ice cream with negative calories.
♦A Leak Proof Sippy Cup.

Did you guess “leak proof sippy cup?” Ding, ding, ding!!

Back at MomCave headquarters (aka my kitchen table), we constantly receive emails from companies wanting us to review and promote their latest products. I get emails from sippy cup companies A LOT. But when I emailed a bunch of them asking if they’d like to enter our “Sippy Cup Challenge,” do you know how many accepted? Zero. Zilch. Nada.

So I did a little research on which cups CLAIMED to be leak proof and spill proof. And I asked around about which cups other mamas preferred. And then, Amazon Prime to the rescue! I ordered the top six cups.

I put six supposedly “Leak Proof” and/or “Spill Proof” cups to a very real-life test. And one did emerge as the clear winner. Check out the video below to see how my kids helped me with this very messy project. And then scroll down for links for each of the cups tested.

Leak Proof Sippy Cup? The Sippy Cup Challenge

The Sippy Cups (in order of our preference)

*none of these companies were involved in or endorsed this test in any way. The links here are affiliate links. If you purchase a cup through one of these links, MomCave makes enough to buy a cup of coffee. But not at Starbucks.

leak proof sippy cup

What’s your favorite sippy cup? Do you even use sippy cups with your kids? I have friends that don’t. We especially need sippy cups for our long car rides to and from school each day. I’m always handing drinks back to kids in car seats! And then they throw them around the car, of course… So you know, leaking stinks.


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