Laundry Hacks for Lazy Moms from SLACKER MOM

Before we get to laundry hacks…

You’ve heard the expression “going postal?”* It means suddenly erupting into an unprovoked fit of rage. A long-time postal worker friend once told me that the reason “going postal” was an occupational hazard was that the mail never ends. You’re never completed the task. It just keeps coming.

Kind of like the laundry. Why is it that the mom of the house typically becomes the CEO of laundry? As if growing humans inside of our bodies, birthing them, and then keeping them alive wasn’t responsibility enough. Now we’ve got to launder our husband’s smelly boxers alongside the pooped baby clothes and clean the house??

While we can’t make the laundry stop, we can provide you with some laundry hacks from our web series, SLACKER MOM.  Check out the brand-new episode below.

(*all apologies to any actual postal workers reading this.)

Laundry Hacks for Lazy Moms | SLACKER MOM’s Guide to Laundry

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