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lactation consultant momcave momcavetv

She’s the sassiest lactation consultant we know! On this week’s MomCave LIVE, Jen and Valisa talked with Leigh Anne O’Connor, IBCLC. (All those letters behind her name mean is definitely, officially an expert on lactation.) Leigh Anne happens to be Jen’s neighbor and one of MomCave’s first ever supporters. She also happens to be an expert on boobs and using them to feed babies! _DSC0071

lactation consultant momcave momcavetv

Leigh Anne talks to the moms at our first ever MomCave screening. She answered some of our viewer’s burning mammary questions like:

She answered several of our viewer’s burning mammary questions like: Does it always hurt to breastfeed at first? Does breastfeeding help or hurt your sex life? Can you drink while breastfeeding? Check out the video below and enter to win Nursing Tea from Weleda!

Lactation Consultant Leigh Anne O’Connor on MomCave LIVE

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And if you REALLY want to laugh about lactation, we have entire web series about awkward moments in nursing. Watch Double Leche.

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  • I can’t wait to hear how it goes too! As the birth of our baby draws near, I am feeling much more aniouxs about what my role will be, or rather, how it will feel to NOT be the sole provider of our baby’s nutritional needs. I can imagine that it would/will feel really amazing to still get to nurse him every so often (which is our loose plan, but we’re waiting to see how things go). How does Lyn feel about your nursing the baby now that it’s real and happening and not just theoretical? Is she as excited as you are? I feel like maybe my wife is feeling a little more protective of her relationship with the baby the closer she gets to birthing him. Which I completely understand, 100%. But it does make me feel a little worried. I don’t want her to feel like she HAS to let me nurse the baby, and I really hope that it ends up being her idea, not mine. I am also just wondering more about how things are going for you guys in first time/second time world. Does it feel different to be on the other side, post-birth? Is there any sadness in that? I find myself worrying that our new baby will be more dw’s baby than mine, which is a worry that I’ve had all along, in a way that I don’t think you guys have. I do anticipate that I will feel somewhat left out, but am trying to prepare myself so that I can remain a fully supportive partner regardless of what I’m feeling. Maybe all of my worrying is for nothing, and things will feel perfect once the baby is actually here. But I’m guessing that there will be an adjustment of some size or another.Hoping your babymoon is going wonderfully!


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