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Rachel Sobel from Whine and Cheez (its) on MOM GAMES Sponsored by Piper Lou

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Join me as Rachel Sobel, of Whine and Cheez-Its, and I play “Kiss Marry Kill.” It’s a silly game where you might learn more about your friends than you imagined! This is a hysterical part of our MOM GAMES series, which is sponsored by Piper Lou. We go with boy bands, tv dads, politicians (ugh!) and more.

Jen: We’re live on Facebook. Welcome to Mom Games. This is MOM GAMES, sponsored by Piper Lou. This is the show where we play games live on Facebook — when we can get on Facebook — and live on Instagram. You get to join us in the comments. We have a great guest this week. We have Rachel from Whine and Cheez-Its. Hey, Rachel!

Rachel Sobel: Hey, hey!

Jen: Hey, hey! You’re here and I’m here and it’s all good!

Rachel Sobel: The technology’s working. Can I get a hallelujah?!

Jen: Have you seen that TikTok that’s going around that goes “Holy Spirit, activate!

Rachel Sobel: Yes, yes!

Jen: That’s what we needed. We needed the Holy Spirit to get this to work! We’re sponsored by Piper Lou, which is a great… Do you know about Piper Lou, Rachel?

Rachel Sobel: I don’t, and that’s one of the reasons I’m really excited to be here. I need to learn more.

Jen: And thank you for sticking with me with our technical difficulties to get here. Lauri, last week when I asked her to be here, she’s like, “Oh, I know Piper Lou. I love Piper Lou. I’ll use my Piper Lou mug.” That was crazy.

Rachel Sobel: Look at that!

Shitter's Full 
Tumbler with quote from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation from MomCaveTV

Jen: I know. I was so excited when they asked me to do this. They may regret it now with all my technical difficulties. Piper Lou makes all these crazy things with amazing sayings that are snarky or curse words or all of the things that I love to say and do and it’s like a perfect fit. Somebody who plays the game with us is going to get a coupon code where they get to go and get free Piper Lou stuff. I’m drinking tonight from “shitter’s full.”

Rachel Sobel: Love it.

Jen: If you don’t know what this is from, you need to go watch your Christmas Vacation movie again.

Rachel Sobel: Yeah, those are good ones. Really great.

Jen: Yeah. Okay. Do you realize when I saw those originally, as a kid, those parents seem so old, but they’re probably like 10 years younger, or? We are now.

Rachel Sobel: Yes, yes. I think that every time I watch a movie with my older daughter, who’s 13, we’ll watch a movie from the 90s because that’s obviously the best decade ever. And we’ll watch something that’ll be like, I remember watching that thinking those parents are ancient and now that’s me. And you’re like the kid in the movie and I can’t handle any of what’s happening right now.

Kiss Marry Kill

Jen: It’s so I can’t even think about it. It’s too hard to understand or think about.
So because we don’t want to think about the oldness we’re going to play games instead. And we want you all to play with us. So there is a game that I called — if there are children in the room cover their ears — I always call it “Fuck, Marry, Kill.” I guess we’re not supposed to say that on Facebook or something. So I was gonna call it “Kiss, Marry, Kill.” But really we mean, when we say kiss, we really mean like “do the deed.”

Rachel Sobel: Okay. Yeah.

Jen: So if you haven’t played this game before, it’s so simple. You just give your partner or your group of friends three names, and they have to choose who in that group they would kiss, who would they marry, and who they would kill and you can’t choose anybody more than once. Has to be one at a time.

Rachel Sobel: Okay.

Jen: Okay. I think I should put you on the spot. You should go first.

Rachel Sobel: Alright, so I’m giving you’re telling me, You’re asking me okay.


Jen: I’m going to start with superheroes. Rachel. Okay. If you had to choose, would you kiss marry kill the Hulk, Spider-Man, Superman?

Rachel Sobel: Do I have to do it in that order? Kiss, Marry, Kill?

Jen: Oh, no, no, no.

Rachel Sobel: I think I would kiss Spider-Man. Because he’s very agile. And am I supposed to give you explanations? Do you not give a shit?

Jen: I totally give a shit! I want to know!

Jen: Remember the upside-down kiss?

Rachel Sobel: Yes. That’s what I’m saying. Like, he’s creative. I think I would marry Superman because he’s like that all-American hero that everybody… It feels like I would marry him. We’d have to go through some childhood trauma that he’s experienced.

Jen: He’s got a lot to work out.

Rachel Sobel: Yeah, but I think I can handle it. And I think I’d kill the Hulk because he just seems a little too aggressive for me.

Jen: Yeah, he has the temper you know. And by that by the time you’re you’re grown up and you’re marrying, you need to know how to control the temper.

Rachel Sobel: Yeah, and you want to marry the nice guy. You don’t want to marry like the macho temper breaking out of clothing when he gets angry. Like that’s not who you want to spend your life with?

Jen: No. And you know, I tell young girls this all the time. Like, have your fun. Don’t marry the hot guy. Don’t because they’re no good.

Rachel Sobel: Marry the really adorable, kind, sweet guy. Marry that one. I didn’t know that so I didn’t do that the first time. I did it the second time though.

Jen: But you learned from your mistake. Yes. And you’re a changed woman for it.

Rachel Sobel: Forever.

Jen: Okay, Shelby is playing in the comments with us and she said marry Superman, kiss the Hulk, and kill Spiderman. Wait, she wants to kiss the Hulk.

Rachel Sobel: She might be into some freaky stuff!

Jen: I don’t know. Do you like green men, Shelby? I think it’s the strength, though. He is like the brawniest, the strongest of the three. Totally. Okay. I’m going to show off my awesome T-shirt from Piper Lou real quick. Can you see what it says? Are you ready?

Gangsta Wrapper T shirt from Piper Lou MomCaveTV

Rachel Sobel: Gangsta Wrapper! I love it.

Jen: They have a ton of cool holiday stuff. They’re having a huge Black Friday. You can join a list. There’s an email list you can join and you can get free access for Black Friday and up to 70% off and that’s all like in the comments and everything. Just you gotta check it out. It’s awesome. Okay, Rachel.

Boy Bands

Rachel Sobel: This is kiss marry kill the boy band edition.

Jen: Oh geez.

Rachel Sobel: Yeah, that’s right. All right. Your choices are Justin Timberlake, Nick Lachey, and I don’t even know his last name. Kevin from Backstreet Boys.

Jen: Okay, I’m gonna make a confession here that though I’ve heard of all three of those people that I can actually picture in my mind is Justin Timberlake. Was Nick Lachey married to Jessica Simpson?

Rachel Sobel: Yes.

Jen: Okay, because I saw that their reality show thing once. Third guy. I have no idea who that is. I’m old.

Rachel Sobel: Just kill him.

Jen: Yeah, so he’s killed. I would have to marry Justin Timberlake because he’s hot. He’s incredibly talented. Like, my husband and I always say this. He is so talented. He’s like an amazing dancer. And he’s a really good actor. And did you see him on SNL?

Rachel Sobel: Like recently? I really have not watched SNL. Oh, like a million years ago. Yes.

Jen: SNL. Years ago, when when I saw him on SNL. I was just like, this guy’s amazing. Like he can improvise he do anyway. So yes, I have to marry Justin Timberlake. And so the Nick Lachey guy. I saw his marriage with Jessica Simpson went and that wasn’t so great. So for him, I think I would I guess I would kiss him because why not? And the other guy kill because I don’t know who he is.

Rachel Sobel: Solid choices.

Jen: Okay, I’m gonna have another one for you. Now I’m actually I have two drinks tonight. Because I couldn’t decide between the… This one says “Oh Balls.” I’m loving this one. It was very apt as we were trying to get this whole Facebook Live to work and it wasn’t. I was just thinking “Oh balls.”

Rachel Sobel: I love it.

Jen: Let’s see, the next one that I have for you I’m going to let you choose the category. The category is either politician or TV dad.

TV Dads

Rachel Sobel: I’m gonna go with kiss marry kill TV dads for 1000, please.

Jen: Politicians suck, all of them.

Rachel Sobel: I can’t. I don’t have the mental energy for that.

Jen: No, you know, I really try to avoid anything about politics or religion on MomCave because the MomCave was supposed to be about laughing and having fun.

Rachel Sobel: I’m the same. Yeah, same.

Jen: Okay, so TV dads. Okay. The first one is Jack Pearson from This Is Us. Okay, did you watch This is Us? With Jack, who died?

Rachel Sobel: I’ve never seen a single episode. I can’t do it. But it’s okay.

Jen: Okay, I’m gonna switch him. I’m gonna say just because I’m in trouble for this. Cosby’s character, Dr. Huxtable.

Rachel Sobel: I love how you clarified it.

Jen: His character in the show, not him as a person. Okay, so you got Cliff Huxtable, you’ve got, um, Phil Dunphy from Modern Family. Okay. And the third one is Al Bundy from Married With Children.

Rachel Sobel: Oh, Jesus.

Jen: I can do the Jeopardy music.

Rachel Sobel: I’m going to I’m going to what was the first one again? Who was the first one?

Rachel Sobel: Oh, Dr. Huxtable. I know that is supposed to be his character, but I can’t separate it. So I’m gonna kill him. He’s gone.

Jen: He’s gone. Bill Cosby, you’re out. Sorry, not sorry.

Rachel Sobel: I don’t want to do anything with Al Bundy. Like, I don’t want to do anything with him.

Jen: You have to kiss him or marry him!

Rachel Sobel: I’m just gonna kiss him so I can get it over with and never see him again. I’m gonna marry Modern Family Guy.

Jen: Yeah, because kissing, you could just close your eyes make it really fast.

Rachel Sobel: Close your eyes and pretend you’re eating a popsicle.

Jen: I don’t know, what what is that? Close your eyes and think of England. When you kiss Al Bundy, just close your eyes and think of Florida.

Rachel Sobel: I’m just That’s it. That’s it.

Jen: That’s it. Okay.

Rachel Sobel: Are you ready? Are you ready for your next one?

Jen: I’m ready for my next one.

Rachel Sobel: All right. This is a kind of a random one. But it’s fun. We’re gonna pop with it. Alright.

Hot Guys

Jen: You guys, we want to hear your answers in the comments because the greatest one will win something from Piper Lou.

Rachel Sobel: All right. Kiss marry kill: Channing Tatum. Paul Rudd.

Jen: Uh-huh.

Rachel Sobel: That was a very enthusiastic Uh-huh. And Jonah Hill.

Jen: Oh, God.

Well, I hate to kill anybody. But Jonah can’t be married or kissed. I’m sorry.

Rachel Sobel: Yeah. I agree with you.

Jen: I feel bad saying that. But yeah, he’s gotta go. I’m sorry. Somebody is gonna die. And it’s going to be you, Jonah. Then between the other two, I definitely think I want to marry Paul Rudd.

Wasn’t he just declared like the sexiest man?

Rachel Sobel: He sure was, Jen. He sure was.

Jen: Isn’t that weird?

Rachel Sobel: Well, you know what? It would have been weird to 16-year-old me. It makes perfect sense to 44-year-old me. I approve of this decision.

Jen: Yeah, right. Yeah. So I don’t know who’s picking Sexiest Men Alive now, but I feel like they’re more our generation now.

Rachel Sobel: They’re our people.

Jen: Cindy commented she would kiss Channing, marry Paul, kill John. Yeah, same as me.

Rachel Sobel: That’s my exact order as well. Yeah,

Jen: I mean, we all got that one.

Rachel Sobel: Channing is the one you want to kiss. Yeah, he’s the one you want to kiss. Maybe other stuff.

Jen: Yeah, and Shelby is saying the same. So like everybody agrees on those three. That was a perfect one. Rachel, you picked like iconic. Perfect.

Rachel Sobel: I didn’t know I was so good at this game.

Jen: You’re very good at this game. I want everybody to know that this game is inspired and sponsored by Piper Lou and they sell awesome things and you want to join their email list. Look in our comments. And if you go and use coupon code MOMCAVE, you get unlimited buy one, get one free. Everything on the website.

Jen: Okay. Hmm.

All I have left for you as politicians so you’re gonna have to deal with that.

Rachel Sobel: Alright, fine. Okay.


Jen: Obviously, Bill Clinton is one of them. I mean, obviously. I wrote it down. Prince Charles, he’s not a politician, but you know, okay. Okay. Clinton, Prince Charles, and Vladimir Putin.

Rachel Sobel: Oh, Jesus Christ. Okay. Putin is out.

Jen: No Putin for you. Putin is killed. Obviously.

Rachel Sobel: Putin is killed.

Jen: Wait, did something bad just happen? Did some algorithm just…

Rachel Sobel: Yes, we’re done. It was very nice knowing you.

Jen: Sorry guys, but tomorrow we’re probably gonna be dead and you’re going to see it on the news.

Rachel Sobel: Wait, who was after Bill Clinton? I forgot already.

Jen: Prince Charles

Rachel Sobel: Oh, Prince Charles. Okay, I’m gonna, I’m going to kiss Bill Clinton, because I feel like, you know, he’s probably a good time.

Jen: I think it’s safe to say that Bill Clinton is probably a good kisser.

Rachel Sobel: I think Bill Clinton is probably a good time. I’m gonna marry Prince Charles. Because I think it would be cool to be a royal for a little bit.

Jen: As much as I hate the whole concept of royalty and all of that, and I hate the concept, but I actually want to be queen.

Rachel Sobel: Right. So if I have a chance to like, basically, a tiara becomes part of my daily wardrobe, and it’s not weird, like, I’ll do that.

Jen: I know.

Rachel Sobel: I’ll make out with Clinton and then marry Prince Charles. It’s fine.

Jen: You could I mean, ostensibly, obviously, have Clinton as your, your playboy while you’re married to Prince Charles because that’s how they do it.

Rachel Sobel: Yes. I mean, no, I don’t think either of them would care. I think it would be totally fine. We would basically be in a polyamorous relationship.

Jen: Yeah, I like it.

Rachel Sobel: I have one more for you if you’d like it.

Jen: I so want it. Bring it on.

Technology Leaders

Rachel Sobel: This is the technology leaders edition.

Jen: Oh, this is awesome. Okay, wait one second, because we have Chelsea saying a comment about what is MOM GAMES? I’m gonna explain it. So MOM GAMES is this live that we do once a week. It’s sponsored by Piper Lou collection which is awesome and you should check it out. What we do is we play these kinds of games that are like drinking games, but you don’t have to drink. But you’re a mom, so you probably are. And we play these games and you can play along in the comments. And the best comment wins awesome stuff from Piper Lou. So tonight we’re playing Kiss, Marry, Kill, otherwise known as F*ck Marry Kill.

Rachel Sobel: I love how you whispered it like,

Jen: Because I don’t know. Like, I think Facebook can hear me and they can read transcripts, but I’m not sure they can read my lips. Maybe they can. I don’t know, Facebook’s getting crazy. Shelby Ketchen said Clinton as the boy toy.

Jen: Yeah, totally old now. He’s a grandpa toy.

Rachel Sobel: It’s fine. It’s fine. Let’s don’t say old. He’s seasoned.

Jen: I have a Clinton story. But I don’t know if I should say it on Facebook Live. Because I’ve met Bill Clinton.

Rachel Sobel: Do you have a Clinton story?

Jen: I do. Okay, I’m just gonna say on Facebook Live. I may regret this later. I was in a film that was loosely based on a story from the Clinton family. And it was directed and written by his niece. And it was a great experience. Like my first time having a leading role in a film, blah, blah, blah. It got screened at the White House. We got to go to the White House. I was like, 20 or 21 at the time. And I got I bought the best dress at Contempo Casuals.

Rachel Sobel: Like a blue sheath dress?

Jen: It was not blue. I couldn’t even afford… Her dress was like J Crew and I couldn’t afford that. I was like clearance rack at Contempo Casuals. But I got a polyester dress and then went and everything and it was a really exciting experience. But the entire time he’s, I wouldn’t I’m not gonna say inappropriate. That’d be rude. But he’s very like drawn to the ladies as we know, kept putting his arm around me. So we have all these pictures. And my husband now, we were just dating then, he was there because he also worked on the film. And, and he was like, he just we laugh now because every picture we see from that event, it’s like…

Rachel Sobel: He’s all over you.

Jen: He’s someone that… He likes the ladies. Now I’m old so he probably won’t like me.

Rachel Sobel: He likes what he likes. Well, but he’s older too. So you’re probably, relatively speaking, a prime candidate for him.

Jen: Oh, well, if if you’re watching this, Bill, I’m sorry. I’m married and it’s over.

Rachel Sobel: You missed the window.

Jen: Yeah, and if his niece is watching this, I had a great time on the movie. Sorry, I just told that story. Okay.

Rachel Sobel: Here are your three tech leaders: Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Richard Branson.

Jen: Okay. If I said kill Zuckerberg, we’re on Facebook. I feel like a drone would come through my door and kill me. But I am very frustrated with Zuckerberg. So I can’t kill him. I’m gonna have to kill Branson.

Rachel Sobel: Oh, but think of the places you would have gotten to go to. You’d be one of the first in space if you wanted. You’d have a ticket anytime you wanted on… You know, I shouldn’t try and sway you. I’m being…

Jen: That’s okay. Because I feel like I could have all those. This is my thinking. I feel like I could have all those same things with Elon Musk. With the amount of money that he has and everything, if I just said, “I really want to go to space, hon, let’s make happen, I think he would.

Rachel Sobel: I’m gonna agree with you.

Jen: So I have to marry Elon Musk that’s a definite. I would kiss Zuckerberg and after I was done kissing him, I’d be like, “Why can’t I get this Facebook Live to work?”

Rachel Sobel: Could you kiss them and then slap them a couple of times?

Jen: Like a Scarlett O’Hara movie? That’s what I’m going to do.

Zuckerberg, that’s what I’m going to do. Because we’re gonna do MOM GAMES again next week. And if I have to take 45 minutes to get live on Facebook, I’m going to have to hunt him down.

Rachel Sobel: Well, now you just gave him a compliment and said you were gonna kiss him. So, now watch, your account will get verified tomorrow.

Jen: Oh, I’m already verified.

Rachel Sobel: You are? That’s amazing.

Jen: I think it was because when I started MomCave, we were in a lot of like, film festivals and events and stuff. And there are pictures in the press. And it looks like more than it is, which is me in my basement.

Rachel Sobel: So it wasn’t because of Bill Clinton.

Jen: No, Bill didn’t do that for me. Okay. No, I didn’t I didn’t get a lot out of that.

Rachel Sobel: All right. Well, can’t win them all.

Jen: Okay, Dina says Forbes. We were verified because we were in Forbes. Maybe that’s what she means. So I want to make sure I’m showing you all my great graphics about Piper Lou collection. Unlimited buy one, get one free with coupon code MOMCAVE. You should join their email list. Because Black Friday is next Friday. So we are really really, really close. Apparently, there are all these supply chain issues. So if you want to buy your gifts, you have to get on them.

If you could have a Piper Lou item say anything, like “your special saying” that you make up, do you have a saying that’s you that you would want?

Rachel Sobel: I mean, I say a lot of things. I really do. But I think probably one of the things that took off the most for me on social media was my “Don’t hurt yourself, I’ll just do it.” Every time I find stuff around my house, and I shame my family on social media, I would put the hashtag #don’thurtyourselfilljustdoit. And let me tell you I made T-shirts with that. And they flew off the shelf, sister.

Jen: Okay, well, Piper Lou, if you use that you should give her a little royalty. But I think “I’ll just do it” is definitely like a mom mantra.

Rachel Sobel: Yeah. Yeah. So let’s do it. We’ll just do it.

Jen: Like we were talking about the dishwasher earlier. Yeah,

Jen: Okay, Rachel, this has been great. This has been awesome. I want to play games with you again. People in the comments, we’re going to go through. We’re going to choose somebody who’s going to win all the stuff from Piper Lou. Go check it out at Go check out Rachel. She’s Whine and Cheez-Its on all of the places. Hilariousness abounds, especially on Instagram. I’m a big fan of your Instagram. Head on over.

I’m Jen from MomCave. And I’m going to go and cry about how I can’t get a Facebook Live to work while drinking from my empty “the shitter” and “oh balls” cups.

Rachel Sobel: Thank you so much for having me. This was super fun. And you’re amazing. You know that I just am a super fan of you.

Jen: Oh, I’m a super fan of you. Goodnight, bye. Thanks, everybody, for watching.


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