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This post and giveaway are sponsored by Jigxels, which I truly think are awesome. Affiliate links may be included.

It’s a rare #momwin to find a toy that both the kids AND the parents love to play with. We recently discovered a new building toy that is completely new to the market. Jigxels is more than a toy. it’s a different way of creative thinking than traditional blocks. And while my kids love them, Jigxels are actually intended for design enthusiants, architects, and robotics makers to explore shapes that aren’t possible with traditional building blocks.

There are made with an expensive polycarbonate polymer instead of the cheap plastics most building blocks are made from. The plymer is 100% FDA approved non-toxic and surgical grade, so it’s safe to use with family members of all ages.

This Canadian patent-pending innovation is a hybrid between blocks like LEGO and metal rods like Meccano. The transparent color and voids are intentionally designed to allow light through when adding LED lights, allow cables to penetrate through them, or even join the block by bolts for things like robotics.

Some of our creations! See my turkey and my son’s skyscraper?

If your kids are into Minecraft or LEGO, Jigxels will bring their building to a whole new level.

But, really, the best feature of Jigxels is that everyone from age 4 to 100 will love building with them!

Catch Us LIVE Playing with our Jigxels

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Jigxels are the newest, coolest building toy!


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