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itvfest itv fest momcave momcavetv evenflo feeding
MomCave Team (sans kids and showered for once) at Independent Film & TV Fest

MomCave Team (sans kids and showered for once) at Independent Film & TV Fest

itvfest itv fest momcave momcavetv evenflo feeding

A toast! With baby bottles thanks to Evenflo Feeding!

ITVFest is the premiere film festival for independent television. (Like MomCave!) After eight years of success in L.A., the festival moved to picturesque Dover, Vermont in 2013. Slummy Mummy and Double Leche were both official selections that year. Though produced independently, the cast and crew of the two web series had a bit of overlap. While at ITVFest, the creators of the shows got the idea of making a mom-themed comedy network and MomCave was born! (Well, maybe not born… but conceived.) A few months later, we launched MomCave with those two shows plus two news ones, Blabbermom and MomCave LIVE.

So we were beyond honored when festival head Phil Gilpin invited us to come back in 2014 and to have our own “MomCave” as part of the festival. We hosted an event for filmmakers and their families. Our sponsor Evenflo Feeding supplied the awesome baby bottles for the grown ups to enjoy their drinks in. KiwiBop and Parklon supplied fun activities for the kids. There were snacks by Happy Family Snacks, Vermont Nut Free Chocolates, and Aquaball. Swag and prizes by Weleda, Mabel’s Labels, Mama Never Told Me, and Bity Bean.

The three moms of MomCave hauled their entire families up to Vermont. That’s right, three New Yorkers renting cars, installing car seats, and staying in a house with their husbands and four little ones under the age of six! We got some great footage while we were there, so look forward to “Mom Cave’s Guild to Roadtrips” soon.

Want to feel like you were there? Check out this gallery of pics from the weekend.

MomCave at ITVFest 2014


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