Introducing STUNT Mom! | Valisa on ‘Nurse Jackie’

Valisa Tate stunt MomCave MomCaveTV

Of the three moms here at MomCave, we’re already determined that Valisa is the “cool mom.” (See our live show here where kinda sorta  ‘decided’ that behind her back.)

Did you know Valisa is a stunt woman? For reals! This stunt mom has done daring (read crazy) things like jump into the East River in the winter, roll down hills, and sit still with scorpions on her abdomen. All the in name of awesome TV. She can very literally tell her kids, “Don’t try this at home!”


Valisa Tate stunt MomCave MomCaveTV

Jumping into the East River. In the WINTER.Watch this portion of our blog for pics of her Stunt Mom adventures!


Watch this section of our blog for more of her Stunt Mom adventures!

Stunt Mom Valisa Preps for Nurse Jackie

Valisa Tate Stunt woman momcave momcavetv nurse jackie

Valisa in her trailer about to shoot a stunt on Nurse Jackie

You can check out our Stunt Mom Valisa’s stunt reel here.

Some of her recent stunt credits:

Law & Order SVU, Orange is the New Black, Girls, Blue Bloods, Sleep Hollow, The Following, The Carrie Diaries, Hostages, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Deception, Zero Hour, Freedom, Power.


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