I’m Not Flaky… I’m Just a Parent! | MomCave LIVE with Jennifer Scharf

MomCave LIVE We Are Not Flakey

“If you have been told that you are late and unreliable more than once, then not only do you lack punctuality, but you also lack decency and seriousness, which is certainly very annoying.”
― Auliq Ice

I’m a good girl. Always have been. The kind that does what she says she is going to do when she says she is going to do it. The one that always arrives five minutes early and then goes out of her way to look like she is merely casually on time. Being reliable has been important to me. And then I had kids.

My husband and I have Google Calendars synced on our iPhones, with a different color assigned for each child, his business, my business, bills that are due, and family activities. We have a huge white board on the refrigerator where we list to-dos in priority of “Urgent, Important, and Not Important.” When I make plans with friends, I record it on that Google Calendar, along with all the relevant details. But those plans are canceled/rescheduled/delayed a shocking amount of times. And that’s not just social plans. I reschedule gynecologist appointments, hair cuts, oil changes, and teeth cleanings. BECAUSE I HAVE KIDS.

Maybe it’s because the baby is getting a cold and not sleeping well. Or the kindergarten teacher schedules a parent night. Or my husband has a surprise work meeting. Or my son’s cub scout leader decides to hold a last-minute outing. Any of these scenarios throws a wrench into my meticulous plans.

On this week’s MomCave LIVE, we’ll talk commiserate, joke, about how motherhood has made us flaky. Join us Friday 3/10 at 8pm EST on our Facebook Page with special guest Jennifer Sharf. Comment to tell us your crazy scheduling stories. Prizes for the best ones!

MomCave LIVE We Are Not Flakey



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