Ideas for Creative Hobbies That Are Easy To Learn

Ideas for Creative Hobbies That Are Easy To Learn

Since the lockdown, there has been a surge in adults trying to rediscover what it means to have a hobby. A few brave souls even went all out and learned something impossibly difficult like woodworking or cross-stitching. However, the truth is that most people just want a hobby that is assessable, fun, and that makes you forget about your problems for a few minutes. Check out these ideas for creative hobbies that are easy to learn to find something you enjoy! Or at least something to use as an excuse to get out of book club!


Honestly, the best part of taking up quilting is that you get a new blanket at the end, and new blankets are undeniably awesome. Try starting with premade fabric squares and using an easy beginner quilting pattern so that the early days of your new quilting hobby are a piece of cake. You can then try more complex methods. Quilts can still be unique with patterns, so you don’t need to stress about pushing your skills early on.


With smartphones, everyone is an amateur photographer now. So why not make it official and get yourself a proper camera? The barrier of entry in photography is shallow, as all you need is a camera. Also, the nice thing about art is it is subjective, so if you like it, it’s good.

Painting or Adult Coloring

Depending on your skill level or dedication, you may want to play with acrylics or just worry about staying inside the lines with a coloring book. Either way, art is a great release that stretches those creative muscles. Also, like fine cheese, coloring pairs very well with wine. Just ask all those who attend wine and painting classes.

Also, while there are coloring books made for adults, children’s coloring books can be just as fun. So, don’t limit yourself by trying to look grown-up… it’s coloring. Embrace it.

Candle Making

Serenity by you. Candle making is a classic “just trying it out” to eventually having a booth at a farmer’s market type of hobby. It’s hard finding that perfect smelling candle, so why not make it? Candle making is a great hobby to start because making a basic candle is easy, and as your skills grow, your candle complexity can grow with it.


You don’t have to write the next great American novel to enjoy writing. Having a daily or weekly journal is a great way to express yourself and let go of the week in a cathartic way. Also, a well-kept journal makes for a great keepsake to be looked back on years from now, and you can see how you used to think in ways memories can’t quite capture.

If you’re looking to become hobby obsessed like everyone else, hopefully, exploring these ideas for creative hobbies that are easy to learn has helped you find the perfect afternoon activity.

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