IAWTV Awards (We’d like to thank the Academy… of Web TV that is!) Our nomination!

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We’d like to thank the Academy… of WEB TV! We were psyched to learn that our weekly live show, MomCave LIVE, has been nominated for an IAWTV Award! (IAWTV=International Academy of Web TV)

We’re honored that the Academy enjoys our snarky, sometimes foul-mouthed mom humor. The award show will be broadcast live from Las Vegas (what moms do in Vegas, stays in

iawtv awards momcave liveVegas, ladies!) on April 15th as part of New Media Expo. Will you be at the Expo? Get in touch!

We’ve had some great guests and giveaways on MomCave LIVE over the last year. (Can you believe it’s been a year!) We’ve done 37 episodes so far, sometimes while hiding from our kids in the bathroom, with some hilarious moms like The Lil Mamas, Mel and El, Deva of My Life Suckers, Martha Byrne of As The World Turns and Weight The Series, Reesa from MommaLew’s Blog, Eileen from Autism with a Side of Fries, and Danielle from Martinis and Minivans.

We’ve played “I Never”: The Mom Version, discussed THE Sex, How Not to Lose Your Sh*t, and how Making Mom Friends is Worse Than Dating.

Want to see some of our favorite MomCave LIVE moments? Check out the highlight reel below.

MomCave LIVE Highlight Reel for the IAWTV Awards

Are you a funny mom who would like to be a guest on MomCave LIVE? Or do you have a product/brand that would like to sponsor one of our weekly giveaways? Drop us a line at momcavetv at gmail dot com.

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Live from Brooklyn Swirl


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