I Love My Post-Baby Body… At least parts of it!

post-baby body MomCave

**Note: Our main mama is spending a few days in the hospital, so we had to postpone this live broadcast. We will reschedule real soon!

Pregnancy, birth, and motherhood takes it toll on even the fittest of us. My husband (and sister and mother…) often accuse me of being a pessimist. So, I decided to prove them wrong by turning lemons into lemonade (or lemonade vodka!) and instead of focusing on the flaws, I’m discovering the things I actually like about my post-baby body.

And, so this week’s MomCave LIVE guest is Jessica Cobb aka Domestic Pirate. She’s written some great pieces about body acceptance. And has awesome purple hair. Watch us LIVE on our Facebook page this Thursday, 1/26 at 7pm EST.

And in the meantime, check out what these mamas each love about their post-baby body. (Do you sense a running theme here?)

♦I like that I can tie my boobs in a knot before I jog. Sports bras are SO expensive. -Julie, Next Life, NO Kids

♦I love the shape of my body now. I never really felt sexy until after having babies. I like my womanly body, I hold a little extra weight better than I used to. -Bianca, Real Mommy Confessions

♦I finally have boobs. They’ll probably be to my knees by the time I’m finished breastfeeding. But for now, I’ve got ’em! -Jen, MomCave

♦I love how strong my arms are! -Erin, Questionable Evolution

♦When I put on 30 lbs this year I went up 2 cup sizes. So it’s nice to have boobs again (that don’t produce milk.) -Ashford, Biscuits and Crazy

♦My feet grew half a size and now I’m more likely to find shoes that fit! I was a five, but stores don’t ever carry that! -Rabia, The Lieber Family

I love having a fuller figure!! I have been flat chested all my life so am delighted to have boobies. -Emily-Jane, Sleep is for the Weak

♦Honestly, I kind of love the excuse for not looking “perfect” or having my dream body. It’s a great pick me on the days I feel fat or grumpy to just remind myself who cares if my stomach isn’t flat anymore, or my thighs are touching? I’ve grown actual people INSIDE my body! And I did it four times! -Kate, Lone Kate

♦I love the feeling of being stronger. Having an unplanned, unmedicated delivery with a strong support system (obstetrician, nurse and husband) made me feel empowered. -Rina Mae, Finding Dutchland

♦My boobs are gone and it’s great! Running is way less hard. -Whitney Hsu, We’re Only Hsuman

I finally have a decent butt! Motherhood gave me curves. -Gail, Maybe I’ll Shower Today

♦I love my c section scar. It’s almost two years old and neat and tidy. I had the section at my own request and it was the perfect decision for me. It’s a nice reminder of the calm birth I wanted and of the first time I held my baby. -Nicola, Simple English

Motherhood transformed my ultra fine, somewhat stringy hair into a gorgeous, full-bodied, thick head of hair. And I also got a butt which my husband (and my leggings) love. -Christine, Feelings and Faith

If you want to continue the body celebration, check out this video we made full of mummy tummies!

post-baby body MomCave


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