6 Reasons Why I love C-Sections

When I tell people how much I love cesarean births I usually get looks ranging from shocked to confused. Sometimes I think people believe I say it for “shock value”. But, I’m not. I love c-sections. I think they’re the greatest thing since boxed wine and here’s why:

It’s A Planned Birth

I love c-sections

For my second child I didn’t want to walk around those last days of my pregnancy (which move at the speed of a sloth) wondering if that day would be the day I had a baby. I decided to take matters into my own hands by coordinating a day around my family’s schedule and proclaiming it baby’s birthday! With my first pregnancy I was overdue by a week and spent 24 hours in an induced labor, which led me to have an emergency c-section. I knew I would never do that again and having the option to plan my second birth was music to my ears.

No Stress and Anxiety

The closer I get to giving birth the more stress and anxiety I began to feel. With my first pregnancy I obsessed over when my water would break, how much water would there be, what would that pain feel like and how much pain would I feel before my baby arrived. It consumed me. But with my planned c-section for the second go-round there wasn’t any of that. I was even calm for my first. I knew exactly what was going to happen which left me feeling cool as a cucumber.

No Labor Pain

With my first, the physical sensations of labor were what could only be described as probably the worst type of period cramping. I felt everything. The epidural was not working on me. Lamaze breathing would definitely NOT have workd! But that’s not the case with c-sections. I got something called a spinal anesthesia. It makes you completely numb from the neck down. Which, in my opinion, is exactly how childbirth should be.

No Pushing

Giving birth is like..... .

This pretty much speaks for itself. With all of the modern medicine we have at our disposal, I would never choose labor pains and pushing when I don’t have to.

They’re Quick

I don’t have the patience to wait for nature to take its course when it comes to labor and delivery. When I was induced for my first pregnancy I was in bed for 24 hours with no sign of my daughter showing up, which is why I needed the emergency c-section. It took less than an hour to get prepped, Sierra removed from my womb and to get stitched up. To me that is a whole lot better than laying in a hospital bed seemingly forever angry, sweating and cussing.

Longer Hospital Stays

When you have children at home and you’re preparing for the birth of another nothing will look sweeter to you than a 4 day stay at your local hospital. That’s two extra days longer than having a vaginal birth. Who’s in a rush to get home? Not I. I told family and friends to stay home so that I can treat my four days like a mini getaway. The stay allowed me enjoy the peacefulness I knew I wouldn’t get at home. It also let me focus on the start of my recovery and bond with my baby without people hovering over me.

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Valerie Pierre

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