I Hope My Son Grows Up to Love Me Like This…

Stephanie Cowell Jesse Cowell book signing

Every mother has wondered, “How would my life have been different if I hadn’t had children?” Because a mother’s life is often divided PRE-kids and POST-kids. For most of us, the birth of our first child is the largest turning point in our lives. And no matter how planned for, longed for, wanted that first baby was, it’s only human nature to wonder about what would have happened if one’s life had taken a different path.

Being a mother is more than a part of your life. It becomes your whole life. At least, while your kids are growing up. Passions, hobbies, and careers from pre-kids are often put on hold. Or if not on hold, they are fit in during stolen moments.

Sometimes it takes becoming a parent one’s self for a child to really see who his mom was before or to acknowledge the dreams that are still within her. And sometimes a child is just incredibly empathetic and gets this early.

Take my friend, Jesse. We met when I was working on my first web series, Slummy Mummy. I was stuck in the editing process. A mutual friend suggested that I consult with this very talented video creator and introduced me to Jesse. He generously spent hours helping me with my project and ultimately, made it way better than I ever could.

Over the years we’ve sporadically run into each other at industry events like a monthly writer’s group or film festivals. And each time, he was the warmest, welcoming, and most friendly presence there. He’s truly the kind of man a mom would be proud of.

So I wasn’t at all surprised when I saw what he recently did for his mom. His mom is an author. Maybe not a famous author or best-selling author, but besides and before being a mom, she was an author. When she had a recent success, her grown son, Jesse, did something very special. Check out this video.

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(Postscript: As I was writing this blog post, I headed over to Jesse’s Facebook profile to see if I could find a good photo of him and his mom. Of the hundred of photos on his profile, I’d say about every seventh photo is one of him and his mom… on the beach, eating ice cream, at family functions… The sweetest! I hope when my son is grown, I’m as important to him.)


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