Humorous Pandemic Cures Every Mother Needs

humorous pandemic cures every mom needs photo of mother grocery shopping while wearing covid mask

It’s 2022 and here we are, still having to deal with this pandemic. What makes matters worse is the fact that a new variant is coming out every week just like fast fashion. Moms, what are we to do?  Many of us are still watching our kids on Zoom calls for their classes. We’re getting less “me time” since everyone is still home. And the phrase “unprecedented times” just makes us want to sucker punch someone!

There are, fortunately, some pandemic mom hacks that you can incorporate into your life.  So sit back, relax, grab a glass of wine, because we’re about to go over some humorous quarantine mom ideas to cure (or at least alleviate!) your pandemic blues.

Watch the tube

YouTube, that is. There are loads of hilarious mom videos out there and you can find plenty on YouTube. YouTube is hands down one of the best platforms out there, not just for the moms but for everybody. You’ll find your Golden Girls clips, mini clips of out-of-context cartoons you watched as a kid, those old commercials you forgot existed, and pandemic mommy-related content, all in one place.  No matter if you’re wanting to laugh at funny quarantine stories, or distract your kids while you make dinner, you’ll always have YouTube to go to for your hilarious mom videos.

Escape Reality with Virtual Reality

There are plenty of great quarantine mom ideas floating around but if you’re really wanting some type of pandemic mom hacks for escape, then look no further than virtual reality.  VR can keep your kids busy, your spouse busy, and it can even let you feel as if you’re temporarily far away from home.  There are plenty of tours online such as museums, nature walks, cities, and so much more. While these will never compete with the real deal, it can be something to keep the kids quiet long enough so you can have a little time for yourself.

Road Trips…. no, seriously…

Just because the family is going through this pandemic doesn’t mean you can’t have fun outside the house. Some of the biggest pandemic mom hacks out there are all about just getting the heck out. You need to go out, your kids need to go out, the whole household should go out.  You can still be completely safe while having some fun outside the house. Road trips are one of the best examples of this, too. You can just sightsee from the car or even go to national parks. During the height of the pandemic, we camped in the driveways of several different friends, only hanging out together outdoors!


Streaming services have become a mom’s best friend since the start of the pandemic. Some of the best pandemic mom ideas all start with giving up worrying about screen time. Lose the guilt about taking time to yourself while the kids binge-watch old movies from Disney+.  And there are plenty of subscription services out there. Streaming not only keeps the kids busy, but it can keep your mind busy too with some “Mommy Me Time”. Plus, if you think about it, streaming is way cheaper than going to the movies with the kids. Did you know MomCave is now on over 100 Smart TV Networks? (Just search for “Binge Networks” on your TV’s app store.) We also have our own app in the Amazon Fire store!

Video Parties

Zoom, FaceTime, and Skype are three of the biggest platforms when it comes to digitally visiting your friends and loved ones far away.  These can be great because on the one hand, you don’t have to clean up the house for visitors, but on the other hand, you don’t get to go to anyone’s ELSES’s house either! If you’ve always dreaded leaving the house or hosting guests then these conferencing platforms may have been just what you wanted.

At the height of the pandemic, we had several Zoom “Cocktail Parties” with friends after the kids had gone to bed. It felt weird at first, but before you knew it, we had been talking for hours. Our friend in Mexico showed us his pool. Another friend led us in a cocktail recipe.

It’s one nice way to keep in touch, especially if you’re wanting to have group calls with friends. Not to mention the fact that if your house is totally trashed you can use one of those digital backgrounds to cover up the mess. No one will suspect a thing! 

Video calls can, at times, get a bit stale. One tip would be to try and shake things up a bit by having a mini party or even wine tasting, via these calls, while sharing some funny quarantine stories.  Just make sure your kids are asleep or else they may make these calls a bit challenging.

Get Cooking

Who hasn’t tried baking sourdough bread during the pandemic? If you haven’t bothered making bread, were you even in the pandemic at all? Most moms cook every night, but have you ever tried making something for just fun? Got an old recipe from grandma that you’re wanting to try? Well, now is the time! Try something on Pinterest that looks way too good to eat. Whether a Pinterest win or fail, it’s a way to keep yourself and maybe even the kids busy, right? And if cooking just sounds like more work to you…. this is a perfect excuse to order in!

Let’s get physical

Okay, this isn’t some fun mom hack but it’s a strategy that can make you feel better during quarantine. Exercising is something that everyone knows they need to do in order to get healthy and feel healthy. This is a way to make you feel better if you or anyone in the household has got those pandemic blues. Get the kids involved, get the house involved, get everyone involved. Work up those endorphins and check yourself out in the mirror afterward. There really is something to that concept of a “runner’s high,” you just have to motivate yourself enough to actually start running!

Make a “Quaratini” and Get Lost in a Book

Maybe make yourself a “quarantini”, or any other cocktail, and get to reading. Reading is one of the more classic escapes from reality, letting you forget about your troubles while also reading a NY Times Best Seller OR some funny quarantine stories. Nowadays moms have all sorts of options including the classic paperback book, eBook, magazine articles, blogs, newspapers, and so much more. And if you’re not the biggest fan of reading, that quarantine cocktail will help you out with passing the time. The book in your hands will deter your family from talking to you.

The pandemic has not been fun for any of us, but we have to keep going. It’s our job to keep the kids and family going, too. As a mom, it’s absolutely incredible that you’re able to deal with two full years of Covid-19, keep your (relative) sanity, and the will to fight this out. Laughter is one of the best medicines and it’s something that can help cure these pandemic blues.

humorous pandemic cures for moms from momcavetv photo of mother grocery shopping while wearing her covid mask

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