Now THAT’s a Wine Glass!

wine corks

Wine enthusiasts REJOICE!!! Costco has taken its ‘Go-BIG’ mentality and applied it to its stemware.

The big box store is now selling a wine glass that hold a whopping 25 bottles of wine!!


Although, that’s NOT what the 3’10” glass was designed for.


Excellent!! That’s a few friends’ Xmas pressies sorted out. x #giantwineglass #takesalottawine #result

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Apparently, it’s more for decoration.


Uh, yeah.

If we’re gonna spend almost $80 on a wine glass— we better be able drink WINE out of it!


Currently, this BEAST of a wine glass looks to be available in the UK only…..but a similar version is available on Amazon.

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If you’re willing to go a liiiitle smaller, check out these options:



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