How to Talk to Your Husband About Getting a Vasectomy

Kids are one of the greatest joys of life. Despite all of the pain during the stages of birthing and all of the hard work required to raise them, I’m sure you would do it all over again. But at some point, you realize that you can only raise so many!

Maybe you and your husband decided ahead of time on the number of kids that you wanted, or perhaps you had a few surprises along the way! Regardless, after you’ve had what you plan is your last child, you have to decide what form of contraception you want to use.

There are so many options, from condoms to birth control, implants to intrauterine devices (IUD). However, according to a 2015 report by the United Nations, female sterilization (tube tying) is the most popular contraceptive method “used by married or in-union women worldwide: in 2015, 19 percent of married or in-union women relied on female sterilization.”

It’s no wonder that tying tubes is the most popular option, the permanency of sterilization is convenient. When you and your hubby are in the mood, the last thing you want to do is run to the store to buy condoms or try to remember if you took your pill!

But hold up, what about male sterilization!? AKA vasectomies! Despite what others may think, just because moms are the ones getting pregnant does not mean that it is totally on us to prevent it from happening again! Men may be afraid to have the procedure, but women have to carry for 9 months, go through birth, and then breastfeed afterwards.

In fact, vasectomies are much safer than tubal ligation. Yet for some reason, vasectomies are far less common! If your husband is hesitant to go through with the procedure, here are a few arguments that could help you convince him.

  1. According to Athenahealth, vasectomy procedures increase by 30% during the first week of March Madness. With a recovery time of a few days, what better time to kick up his feet and rest than with college basketball around the clock! Offering to make hims snacks and bring him drinks will make it a little easier too.
  2. Although the procedure is practically 100% effective and can last forever if you so choose, there is a possibility to get it reversed if you change your minds. He’ll never have to wear a condom again!
  3. The procedure only takes 30 minutes and sex can resume after soreness resolves, which is usually just one week. Furthermore, long-term complications are rare. Vasectomies are safe, quick, and effective!
  4. Vasectomies have no effect on sex drive or testosterone levels. Climaxes should provide the same pleasure and semen will still be produced. There is also no impact on the physical ability to get an erection, although it will not cure erectile dysfunction, in which case you should see a doctor if you have problems with ED.
  5. The annual cost of a vasectomy over 10 years is only $86. In comparison: $168 for condoms, $367 for implants, $240 for birth control shot, and $700 for tubal ligation. Vasectomies are cheaper on average than almost every other method.

When it comes time to convince your husband, try not to force the issue! Simply remind him that a vasectomy will grant you both freedom in the bedroom and that he should have nothing to worry about. Going through with sterilization will save you money in the long run and be a less risky procedure for him than you. Talking to a doctor could help you gather more information on the procedure and costs, as well as quell any concerns he may have. As difficult as it may be sometimes, the best thing you can do is discuss this decision like adults!


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  • Wow, I didn’t know that a vasectomy is much safer than tubal ligation, and is also reversible! My husband and I already have four kids and to be honest, I don’t know if I could handle raising more! I appreciate your tips on how to talk to your husband about getting a vasectomy done, and I’ll keep them in mind when I decide to raise the idea to him. I’ll also research the things I can do to lessen his discomfort after getting one. My coworker said that her husband swore by ice packs to numb the pain, so maybe I’ll get my husband one too.


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