How To Show Appreciation for Your Child’s Favorite Teacher

How To Show Appreciation for Your Child’s Favorite Teacher

Let’s be honest; teachers wear far too many hats. From a babysitter to a mediator, teachers do a lot of the heavy lifting in society. If your child is taking time out of their busy schedule to tell you who their favorite teacher is, that is a person worth celebrating. Here are some tips on how to show appreciation for your child’s favorite teacher as kids head back to class.

Spend Money on Them (Who Doesn’t Like That?)

I mean, there’s no getting around it. Teachers are short on cash after single-handedly keeping the lights on at Crayola. From gift cards to actual gifts, spending money on a teacher says it loud and clear: “We appreciate you!” If your child’s favorite teacher is retiring, some retirement-themed gifts are in order. Otherwise, consider taking care of a classroom expense or catering the gift to the individual.

Now, I can’t advocate for buying teachers apples. You’ve seen how grubby children’s hands get. They don’t know where that unwrapped fruit has been and will probably just toss it.

Inform School Administration How Great They Are

When I think of a parent calling the principal’s office, it’s never with anything nice to say. I suggest we change it up. Write a letter for your child to give to the administration, give the office a call, or stop in for an appointment to express how cool your child’s teacher has been. Who knows, the unprompted kudos can either make their day or potentially play a role in their next raise.

Send Your Kids to School Prepared

There’s only so much we can do to make sure our kid has every bit of school supplies we dropped them off with by the time they sit at their desk. However, keeping our kids prepared does a ton to alleviate the headache of playing parent that teachers have to deal with in the classroom. I recommend investing a little extra cash when school supplies go on sale. That way, they can turn to you for extra supplies instead of their teacher.

When you show appreciation for your child’s favorite teacher, don’t make it too weird. They don’t have a ton of time for chair hoisting or balloons. Just give your gift, say your piece, and I think they’ll know how awesome you think they are.

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