How To Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

How To Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

When cooking for guests or your family, working inside a small kitchen space is headache-inducing. Chopping vegetables, cleaning products, and laying out ingredients should not mimic a game of Tetris on your limited countertop space. To learn key tricks for how to make your small kitchen feel bigger, continue reading our blog below.

Add Hooks and Shelf Risers

One of the most challenging parts of living in a small kitchen space is finding storage for all your cooking utensils and ingredients. How do you organize without overcrowding your limited counter space with so many small objects?

The trick is to add surfaces to decrease your clutter. For example, adding hooks onto your backsplash or shelf risers will create more elevated space to store utensils and ingredients. Adding this vertical storage will help make your items more accessible and less of an organizational disaster.

Choose Countertop Appliances Wisely

Countertop appliances are convenient, but do you really need all the devices currently sitting on your countertop? The amount of space you have on your kitchen counter is limited and precious. If you cover this space with bulk countertop appliances, these devices will only add additional clutter to your kitchen.

Decluttering your kitchen does not mean your home can no longer have a coffee maker or toaster, though. Instead, swap out some of your bulkier devices with more condensed machinery. Investing in high-quality, slim, and professional kitchen appliances will completely transform your kitchen space so it appears larger.

Embrace Cabinet Organizers

When you have a house full of kids, maintaining an organized kitchen is no easy task. At times, it’s easier to let your cabinet become a relative dumping spot for lost cups, bowls, baking glasses, and utensils.

However, cabinet organizers can significantly revolutionize the organization of your cabinets and open up more space in your kitchen.

Cabinet organizers give your cups, bowls, and other dishes designated and clear spaces to sit. They also add a level of shelving to pack more dishes into a single cabinet shelf. Since these organizations are easy to navigate, you can also recruit your kids to put away dishes in their appropriate spots.

The more you can optimize the space in your kitchen cabinet, the bigger this room will appear.

We hope our guide on how to make your small kitchen feel bigger has helped you navigate how you can make your kitchen more comfortable. Consider implementing some of these tips and tricks during your renovation so you can enjoy a more open kitchen.

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