How To Have a Baby and Not Lose Your Sh*t | Eeh Bah Mum on MomCave LIVE

Eeh Bah Mum

Eeh Bah Mum

Can I wipe bottoms and still kick-ass? What if all the other mums are really, really boring? Is it okay to Google the answers to everything? Kirsty Smith, the acclaimed UK blogger behind Eeh Bah Mum, is the our guest this week on MomCave LIVE. She’s the author of “How to Have a Baby and Not Lose Your Sh*t.”

Eeh Bah Mum


Written by a mum of two who thinks her children are wonderful but wishes they could be wonderful in a quieter, tidier, less annoying way, this book is a funny, insightful, and honest account of being at home with babies and small children and all the wondrous things that entails: like carrying a pot of dead bees in your handbag and trying to source ice cubes that aren’t ‘too cold’.

It won’t make your baby sleep through the night, or cure colic, but it will make you laugh when you’ve been up all night… which is the next best thing.

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Eeh Bah Mum on MomCave LIVE How to Have a Baby and Not Lose Your Shit

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    My son is 14 months now and we are still co-sleeping.. he’s become a bed hog and wakes up and freaks out when you try to move him. I swear every time I try to get him to sleep in his crib, my husband and I go crazy. We need to be in separate rooms because we get mad at each other because one of us always wants to go pick him up and sooth him. Needless to say, he’s still in my bed and there is no end in sight. Maybe when I can bribe him to sleep in the big boy bed? LOL


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