How To Get Your Garage Organized and Keep It That Way

How To Get Your Garage Organized and Keep It That Way

The garage is akin to the junk drawer of the home for many families. When we move, it houses our collection of packed boxes. When we unpack, it houses all our moving trash. Once that mess is gone, there’s a glorious period where the garage is usable, but it never lasts long without serious dedication. Here are some habits that can help show you how to get your garage organized and keep it that way.

Use Containers, Containers, and More Containers

You may be the first to admit that you have a problem when it comes to plastic containers. However, you should stand behind your collection of plastic tubs. If your garage is currently a disaster zone, plastic bins will play a vital role in separating the hoard of stuff and containing the items you choose to keep. If something sits in the garage, make sure it ends up in a labeled container and on a shelf. Just beware of the allure of creating a “miscellaneous” box.

Perform Regularly Scheduled Cleanings

If you live somewhere ridiculously hot, this chore will be even less fun for you. A secret to a clean garage is getting your family in there once a month to reorganize. Despite your efforts to designate areas for all our cleaning supplies, containers, and tools, things have a habit of wandering around into tripping-hazard territory. So, having help from the family is vital.

If you make a habit of sending everyone in for cleaning sessions, you can transform your garage into something tolerable, if not pleasant. Don’t forget to do a quick sweep to get rid of unwanted items as well.

Make a Plan for the Big Junk

Imagine that you have three TVs in your garage. Only one is a nice flat screen that makes you think, “Maybe I’ll mount this somewhere someday,” though you still haven’t. The other two are so old that it’s doubtful your children would even recognize them as TVs. You never got rid of the CRT TVs, but it wasn’t because you had some ambitious plan for upcycling them. You just never really knew what to do with old TVs until recently. Does this kind of scenario sound familiar to you?

This year, make a resolution with yourself. If something goes in the garage because it won’t fit in the garbage, create a plan on what to do with it then and there. You can slap a sticky note on your junk appliances and carve out a minute of your weekend to donate or trash them. This way, they won’t turn into ancient relics that do nothing but collect dust.

Try to get your garage organized and keep it that way, as it’s worth it in the long run. Though it may never be empty enough for you to park your car in, your clean(er) garage will be the perfect home for the bikes and other things that you actually use.

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