How Becoming a Mom Makes a Woman Sexier

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The mom uniform of a mom bun, leggings, and t-shirt might feel like a bit of a trope, but it is a fast and efficient uniform for moms who need to get things done, 24/7/365. After giving birth, many moms go through a period of just not feeling great about their bodies–after all, there are a lot of changes to come to terms with pretty quickly. We don’t feel like sexy moms on a daily basis. But we should.

You know what? Being a mom makes you sexier, and that is a fact.

“After seeing the capability of my own body, will, and my strength, I am certain that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I know that I walk differently and talk differently. I’ve evolved as a woman. I am now a mother,” says mom Danielle LeBlanc.

Here are all the great reasons why motherhood makes women even sexier.

Hey Sexy Moms… Your Big Heart Is Beautiful

Even those who may wonder if they have a heart at all will find that they have a heap of love under those layers. When children come along, they allow us to bring out our softer and more caring side. Most people love to be cared about, and you might just find you love to take care of them too. A soft and caring side is incredibly attractive, in an almost vulnerable way. Showing your soft and caring side is so incredibly sexy, even if it takes a little bit of time to realize just how beautiful it really is.

Motivation is Hot

Moms need to work in small focused snippets, so are more likely to achieve their goals. There are millions of online opportunities for self-employment and running a small business and plenty that work around family life.

All that is to say, a mom who is focused on creating a balance, and carving out a space for herself is a sexy thing. What’s more is that a home business can involve all family members, depending on what it is–and can be lucrative enough to support the family or provide a very healthy second income.

But it doesn’t have to be a business. Maybe you are motivated by fitness or cooking or art… Whatever turns you on to life, turns others on to you.

Your Body Is Beautiful, Sexy Moms

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to be attractive. Stay-at-home moms are gorgeous too, and that body you are hesitant about is no less beautiful. It might be one of the most difficult things to come to terms with, but a body that has given birth (no matter how) is a gorgeous thing! The female body is incredible. It grows to make room for a new life, provides food (if you want to breastfeed), and nurtures one of the most special things in life: a baby you adore. That’s just one of the perks of being a mom.

Many moms don’t feel sexy after giving birth, or even long into the childhood years. However, each stretch mark, along with everything else that changes in your body, is representative of the growth you experience as a person. Let yourself flourish! Even if it’s with a quiet quickie when your toddler is distracted by Peppa Pig.

One of the biggest things that moms need to keep in mind is that they shouldn’t be comparing their bodies or journey to celebrity moms featured in the media, or others at all. Media is never truly accurate and there are many modifications made in art and film to trim some of the body weight, stretch marks, and scars away. Love yourself the way you are. When you’re confident and love yourself, you’ll be beautiful in every way.

Be Assertive

While there are many different ways to be a parent, from gentle parenting to super strict, one thing’s for sure: sometimes, you need to be assertive to get things done. Once upon a time, this might’ve been called bossy, and we have all heard the phrase ‘I love a bossy woman.’ Assertive is a better term, and more true.

When you need to get the kids in the car, if the receptionist isn’t listening to you, when you have to get the last barbie on the shelf, being assertive can get you what you want and need. A lot of the assertiveness comes from two places:
● You don’t have the time to wait around for things to be done
● You have children to think about and they always come first

It ties into the caring aspect too, you get what you need when you need it–and there is nothing sexier than seeing someone take action and get results.

Know Yourself

If there is one thing that happens when children come along it is that all you’ve been before tend to fall away, and you refind yourself. This process can take some time, but eventually, you come to see who you are now–and all the reasons you are amazing.

Do you know what’s magical about life? All the people around you will see this change too, including your partner.

During pregnancy and birth, a lot of things happen to the body that are out of your control, and the birth, while amazing, can be full of worry and fear too. Your partner, if you have one, will be with you through these moments, and you might find that they have a new respect for you. As your children grow, so do you and that is one of the sexiest things there is: thriving and flourishing in brand-new ways.


What about all the things you don’t see yourself? Chasing your child through the school parking lot to give them their water bottle. Carefully braiding your child’s hair in the morning. Perhaps simply laying on the sofa, and stroking their hair because they’re not feeling great. You might not think much of these important things you may do without a second thought.

These little moments highlight all of the things that you have become, your softer side, and your caring nature. To an onlooker, this is a parent caring for their children in an instinctive and natural way. Is there anything sexier than someone who is both vulnerable and strong at the same time? Sexy moms are those who embrace their strength and tenderness.

Are you still not sure how becoming a mom makes you sexier? Think of all the times you may put others before yourself in all the right ways. These little moments to you might not seem sexy, but actually, they show all the ways that you have relaxed into being a parent… and all the ways that you have grown as a person.

Trust us: others take notice when you are caring, thoughtful, and confident. These traits make moms sexy and attractive, especially to their partner.

Becoming a mom makes you sexier in so many ways, from the fierce way you protect your children, to carefully stitching sequins onto a leotard, or choosing the right pair of sports socks for a football match. Embrace it and love yourself entirely!

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