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(This round-up of the hottest retro maternity dresses contains some affiliate links.)

You know that having a bun in oven makes you super-hot, right? You may be feeling more blimp than MILF right now, but I promise you that your curves are only becoming curvier and sexier. Pregnant women are sexy. It’s SCIENCE. But we know it doesn’t always feel that way. Especially when most maternity dresses leave you feeling like you are wearing a Laura Ashley Print caftan!

Before becoming a mom (or B.M., as I like to call it), I was a huge fan of vintage and retro fashion. My husband is the bandleader of a retro hot-jazz band and one of my favorite perks of being a jazz band groupie (trust me, there aren’t a ton…. ) was having lots of places to wear my retro-finds.

When I became pregnant, I was shocked at how difficult it was to find hot retro maternity dresses. I spent hours obsessively checking websites, ebay, and message boards. But aren’t you lucky? I wasted all of that time searching so that YOU don’t have to. Here are the absolute hottest retro maternity dresses a mama can buy on the internet. I listed the dresses from Amazon first, for convenience, and below those are some of my favorite online shops and boutiques for retro maternity dresses. Enjoy, you sexy (pregnant) beast!

Can you believe that I’ve scored some of my favorite retro maternity dresses from Amazon?

Casual Every Day Retro Maternity Dresses on Amazon

This is one of my favorites. It’s a dress with a retro wiggle dress style but can also look totally modern, depending on your hair/makeup and accessories. You can’t beat the price at under 20 bucks and it comes in a zillion colors and patterns. It’s a sleeveless tank-style maternity dress made of really comfy jersey fabric. If you are preggo in the summer, you’ll be glad to have your arms bare, but you can also wear this in the winter with a cute sweater or blazer. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll be so hot from all the hormones that you won’t even wear a coat all winter!

With feminine and flirty sleeves, this retro maternity wiggle dress comes in an array of colors and prints. I’m in love with this blush baby pink shade which is so flirty and elegant, but I’m also eyeing some of the quirky floral prints it comes in. This maternity dress is 95% cotton, which is great for hot weather and 5% spandex which is great for that ever-expanding baby bump!

This one has long sleeves and a swingy skirt and looks amazing with a wide-brimmed straw hat and Jackie-O shades, which are a good idea anyway since pregnancy makes your skin more sensitive to the sun. The buttons give it a hip touch and it could be paired with wedges for summer or boots for fall and winter.

The high-waist of this retro sleeveless dress creates room for the baby bump. While it’s not specifically maternity, I was able to fit my bump in the space under the high waist up until the very end of pregnancy. The prints are classic vintage and the cut is a 1940’s-1950’s day dress style. It almost makes you want to become a housewife and hang your laundry out on a line to dry… almost.

Special Occasion Retro Maternity Dresses

This is a maternity dress favorite of reviewers on Amazon. Again, it comes in tons of colors. AND it has a long-sleeved version as well. The off-the-shoulder swing dress with a scalloped neckline is very 1950’s. Whatever you feel about your pregnant shape, I bet your shoulder, collarbones, and decollete are gorgeous. Add a retro petticoat to help the skirt fluff out even more, if you beautiful baby bump doesn’t do that already!

This elegant, sleek gown harkens to old Hollywood. It’s perfect for a black-tie occasion with the bump along for the ride. If you look at the Amazon listing and reviews, you’ll see a ton of real-life pregnant mamas wearing this for maternity photoshoots. It makes any pregnant woman look glam.

My Favorite Brand for Sexy Retro Maternity Dresses

One of my favorites, for maternity or NON-maternity retro dresses, is Pin Up Girl Clothing. Remember when we wore their dresses in our video, Valentine’s Day Gifts that Make Real Moms Feel Real Sexy for Real? It’s hit or miss whether Pinup Girl has actual maternity items in stock at any given time, but I’ve worn many of their regular NON maternity wiggle dresses while pregnant. They have just the right amount of stretch to cradle the bump as it grows and still look hot.

Hottest Retro-esque Maternity Wear on Etsy

If you want hand-made and one of a kind, Etsy is an excellent place to start. These dresses are often made to order.

From TiCCi Rockabilly

From ZeBuBeYou

Most Budget-Friendly Retro Style Maternity Dresses

Surprisingly, Shein has quite a few cute and hot retro maternity dresses!

Hot Yet Elegant Maternity Dresses

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From Seraphine

Retro Classic in Lace

from Amy and Rose

The Vintage Woman has an excellent primer on how to recognize retro maternity fashion.

To take a stroll back in time and see what maternity fashion from different decades looked like, check out this piece by Vintage Dancer.

Check out this video, where Dina and I show off some of our favorite pinup dresses:

Turquoise pin up wiggle dress for hottest retro maternity dresses

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