Ways to Go from “Hot Mess Mom” to “Presentable Mom”

Before kids, I’d see a haggard woman in the supermarket, obviously unshowered, in what could pass for her pajamas, and wonder, “HOW did she get this way?” Surely, a shower and some lip gloss weren’t out of reach just because you’ve given the gift of life? Yet they are. They so often are.

I’m not overly proud of it, but my appearance always mattered to me. A LOT. I come from a long line of Southern belles and beauty pageant winners. I started wearing makeup in fifth grade, sneaking it on the bus on the way to school and removing it before returning home. But since becoming a mom over seven-years ago, I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve spent more than 15 minutes on my appearance.

And so I decided to compile a list of a few things that stressed out, worn out, mamas like me can try to make themselves feel like LESS of a hot mess. Maybe not a MILF, but LESS of a mess.

Wear Real Pants

There are tons of memes about there about moms and our “yoga” pants and for good reason! My middle-section will never be the same again. And I love the idea of pants that can be worn as pajamas, then to school drop off the next morning. I like to think I’m tricking people into thinking that I’m on my way to workout. I know, I know, I’m fooling no one. So one way to instantly feel more “together”–put on some real pants! (Even if they are Old Navy stretchy jeans.

Get a Mom-Friendly Haircut

Before and After. In both photos, I've only washed and air-dried my hair. #SlackerMomWin

Before and After. In both photos, I’ve only washed and air-dried my hair. #SlackerMomWin

I’ve never been good at hair-dos. I have no talent for it. I spent most of my days in a pony-tail, hoping to get by with that “young mom” look. Now that I’m pushing 40 (okay, I lied, I AM 40.) a ponytail just makes me look messy and old. I finally took the plunge and cut all of my hair off. Maybe it’s not the most feminine look, but I have never had it easier. I don’t do anything to it at all. Maybe just wash it every few days… if I get a chance!

Class Up Your Ears

hot mess mom with earrings

Freshly showered, ready to run kids around all day. But my earrings “class it up!” 😉

Especially with the short haircut, a gorgeous pair of earrings says, “Hey, at least I tried. I own jewelry.”

My favorites are my new diamond stud earrings from Anjolee. They make me look like I’ve got class, even while I’m yelling at my kids to “Get the hell over here!” in the supermarket. I wear them with everything from yoga pants to a date night dress… on the rare occasions I have a date night!

All of the pieces can be customized on Anjolee.com according to the preference of metal type, diamond size, diamond/gemstone quality, and length/size. 

Cheap Sunglasses

A girl needs a selection of sunglasses.

These are the best for hiding the bags that will now forever live under my eyes. I never buy expensive sunglasses because I’d lose them or a kid would break them! I own several pairs of $10 and under sunnies that make me feel kind of, sort of “hip.”

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