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Honest Gifts No BS Holiday Gift Ideas from MomCave

What if we gave “honest gifts” for the holidays? Like, stuff we thought people really needed with no regard to social filters? I think some people would appreciate receiving something that could really improve their day to day life instead of another tin of cookies or Starbucks gift card. (This post contains affiliate links, so we get a few pennies if you buy through these.)

Here’s what I mean:

Gifts for the Odor-Challenged (i.e. your cousin with B.O.)

Gifts for the Facts-Challenged (i.e. your opinionated, yet wrong, uncle)

Gifts for Those With Horrible Taste in Music (i.e. the neighbor that blasts crap into the night)

Gifts for the Rambunctious Brats (i.e. your second cousin’s kids who ruin your house and sanity)

Gifts for the Coach Potato Husband

Gifts for the Relative Who Has No Couth

-“A copy of Emily Post.”-Ashley, The Malleable Mom

Gifts for the Grammatically Challenged

-“A thesaurus for your nephew so he can substitute appropriate adjectives instead of gratuitous, incorrect use of ‘literally.'” -Elly, BugginWord.com

Gifts for the Sexists in Your Life

And lastly, Honest Gifts for ME and YOU

Honest Gifts No BS Holiday Gift Ideas from MomCave



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