Home Projects for the Spring Other Than Cleaning

Home Projects for the Spring Other Than Cleaning

One fine morning, we are going to walk outside to find that the air doesn’t hurt our faces. On that day, we will have about a hundred different voices from the lady across the street to the people on our local mom’s Facebook groups uttering the same two words: spring cleaning.

The idea is great in theory. After three months, the insides of our houses can get pretty disgusting. But sometimes, the cycle of deep cleaning only to turn around and find muddy footprints on the kitchen floor can feel like a Sisyphean nightmare. If you’re looking to spruce up the home for the season, try out one of these home projects for the spring other than cleaning.

Buff Up Your Garden

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Gardening was great when we were home all the time back in 2020. But why should I bust my butt to maintain a garden with everything else going on in my life?” I’m glad you asked, tired mama.

There are plenty of practical reasons to make gardening your home project this spring. A few include:

  • Saving money on fruits and vegetables
  • Having fresh herbs anytime you want them
  • Burning calories without having to go to the gym
  • Making a little extra money by selling excess produce
  • Creating an opportunity to teach your kids about nature

If you decide to plant a few trees, you can also save a little money on energy. The trees can help reduce sun-glare to cut back on A/C use in the summer and block the wind so that your heater doesn’t have to work as hard in the winter.

Repurpose an Area of Your House

Most of us have the thought that “Man, I could use another room in this house” at least 10 times a day. While most of us don’t have the luxury of moving to a different home, we can still potentially add those rooms by finding ways to repurpose the garageor other areas of your house.

Need a space to get some crafting done other than your OJ-soaked kitchen table? A place to get work done away from the cacophony of home noises? Or just another place to send the kids to play? Turn the attic into a craft studio, the basement into an office, or the garage into a new playroom.

Build an Outdoor Playhouse

Speaking of getting the kids out of your hair, there’s no better time than spring to encourage the kids to go outside and play again. Unfortunately, kids these days have the attention spans of goldfish and making sure they stay entertained in the backyard can be a challenge.

That’s where an outdoor playhouse comes in handy. A playhouse gives kids something to do outside, and building the playhouse can be a fun way to get the kids involved with a project. After all, if it looks crooked or the paint isn’t perfect, your kids aren’t going to care if they had a hand in building it.

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