Holiday Gifts that Keep Kids OFF Screens – And win them all!

MomCave Holiday Gifts that keep kids off screen

Do your kids have a case of the screen zombies? Here’s our roundup of awesome holiday gifts to keep kids OFF screens. This post contains sponsored content and affiliate links, which means when you purchase one of our suggestions, we make a commission at no extra cost to you.

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Party’n with Plants

Just because it’s too cold to garden outside doesn’t mean you can’t “party with plants” inside! Party’n with Plants will ship a fairy or pirate garden kit right to your door. Kids can get their hands dirty while creating an imaginative miniature landscape. Party’n with Plants is the only company to ship real dirt and live succulents in every kit.

kids making fairy garden and pirate garden from holiday gifts that keep kids off screens partyn with plants kits

You can use code MOMCAVE for 10% off and all orders are shipped within 24 hours. They can also do custom kit requests and bulk discounts–perfect for parties or classes.

And lest you are worried that this screen-free activity will result in a plant that MOM must keep alive, you’ll LOVE that they only need to be watered once a month with an ice-cube. #SlackerMom win! If only kids were that easy. If only husbands were that easy! 😉

MEL Science

Mom and Son do MEL Chemistry Experiments Perfect Holiday Gift to Keep Kids off Screens

If you’ve been watching my videos for a while, you know how much my son and I love our monthly subscription for MEL Science. They ship awesome hands-on chemistry experiments to you each month. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and there’s a virtual reality app that can guide you through it all. Even if your last experience with chemistry involved you zoning out while staring at that varsity soccer player across the aisle and setting your hair on fire (wait… who did that? Oh, me!), you’ll be able to easily do these fun hands-on experiments. They have kits for kids of all ages, but I find tweens to be a hot spot.

The month’s kit was winter-themed. We made our own snow and grew crystals on a Christmas tree. These were super-easy and a ton of fun. And we learned about chemical reactions!

Get 25% off your first month with code MOMCAVE at MEL Chemistry.

Chillafish’s Bunzi Balance Bike – Get Kids Off Screens and On a Bike

Skip the training wheels? It’s totally possible and SO much easier. Both of my children learned to bike on a balance bike before going up to a two-wheeler. It’s so much more intuitive to learn to balance before you learn to pedal.

So the usual progression is tricycle to balance bike to two-wheeler. But the folks at Chillafish must love multi-tasking as much as us moms do because they’ve combined the tricycle and balance bike into one! You can easily convert your Chillafish Bunzi from two wheels to one, with no tools required, so your child can practice at whatever level he’s comfortable at.

And as if you need another excuse to go to Target, that’s exactly where Santa’s helper can find this gift.

Toy Cars=Massage??

Keeping your kids off screens doesn’t mean YOU have to entertain them. In fact you can turn this next in our list of gifts to keep kids off screens into what I like to call a “self-serving gift!”

Grab yourself one of these puppies and have the kids massage (I mean, play with cars!) on your back.

This post contains sponsored content and affiliate links. All opinions are our own.

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