Hobbies You Can Easily Turn Into a Side Hustle

Hobbies You Can Easily Turn Into a Side Hustle

These days, it’s all about the side hustle. Whether you work or parent full-time, picking up a side hustle is a great way to stay busy and make a little extra money on the side. Plus, you may even be able to turn one of your favorite pastimes into a profitable one. What could be more rewarding than that? To get the inspiration flowing, here are a few examples of hobbies you can easily turn into a side hustle.


If you love to write, you can easily find various ways to turn this hobby into a side hustle. You might decide to take up blogging or freelancing. Try signing up for a free blogging site or recycling a blog that you’ve already started online. Starting up your own blog or signing up for a writing gig site can help you find interested parties in need of copywriting or promotion.

Art or Drawing

Drawing, painting, and art in general are great examples of hobbies you can easily turn into side hustles. You don’t even need to have the art skills of van Gogh. Find an art printing service online, and create copies, prints, and stickers of your favorite drawings or doodles. Once you have the prints, you can create your own online shop and sell them right out of your home. If you’d rather avoid shipping them yourself, consider uploading your works to a print-on-demand site. You’ll still get a portion of the revenue from your sales, and the rest will go to cover printing and shipping costs.


That’s right—embroidery isn’t just your grandma’s hobby anymore. Embroidering is a creative way to customize hats and other clothing. Embroidery is also a staple of cottagecore decor. You can monetize this hobby the same way a person might sell prints—start your own online store and list your creations online. Shop for your materials in bulk to save money. Alternatively, once you create enough inventory, you could also bring your creations to your local craft fair or flea market. It’s a great way to share your passion with the community and really connect with potential customers who share your interests.

Social Media

Love it or hate it, but social media holds a lot of potential when it comes to adopting a side hustle. Start an influencer account, and try to partner with brands that need some extra promotion. Many brands have started affiliate programs that offer discounts or compensation for promoting their products. You could also start your own social media presence on a video or streaming platform like YouTube or Twitch. Create how-to videos, stream your favorite hobbies, and more. Social media is more of a long-term commitment if you really want to be successful, but if you enjoy creating content, it’s a great opportunity. If you’re lucky, it might not even feel like work at all!


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