Potter Fan? 5 Harry Potter “Spells” For Moms ;-)

Harry Potter Spells for Moms

In my house, we are “Potterheads”. We have read the books, watched the movies, and attended events. We quote the movies and books in everyday conversation.  I personally connect with Mrs. Weasley on a spiritual level.

If I could, I would use magic every day.  

So if we muggle (that means NON-wizard) moms had access to magic, what would we choose?

Harry Potter Spells for Moms 😉

 Accio (Summoning Spell)

Muggle Mom equivalent of “Bring it to me.” (Great for finding lost things.)  I would use this ALL THE TIME. I will be honest, I could not be trusted with this much power. “Accio Coffee”, “Accio wine”,” Accio Clicker”, “Accio Toilet paper.” ( we have all been there)

Harry Potter spells for Mom Accio summoning spell for moms

Expelliarmus (Disarming spell)  

Muggle Mom equivalent of “Put that down!”  
Trust me, when a kid has something they shouldn’t , this is a handy go to. Trying to wrestle an item from the kung fu grip of your kid would no longer be a problem!

Harry Potter spells for moms, Expelliarmus

Reparo (Mending Spell) 

Muggle Mom equivalent of “Fix it.” No need to call a repairman.  Yes, you CAN have nice things!! I have a general rule that if it makes it more than 24 hours in my home without being broken, it is a miracle! I think of all the things I own now held together by duct tape and Krazy Glue. I walk by and see the scars, wishing a bit of Reparo could be in my life.


Capacious Extremis (Undetectable Extension charm)

 Imagine walking out of the house with a cute clutch… but it has basically EVERYTHING you need inside.  Diapers? Snacks? Change of clothes? Anything is possible and you are not hauling 2 tote bags for a trip to the store! One of my favorite Harry Potter spells for moms, no doubt.

Time Turner

A charmed necklace. Fashion and function! Muggle moms could have all the time they need. Mind you, there are rules.  You can only go back a few hours and you can only stay a short period of time. Just enough time to be able to make lunch with the girls while rotating laundry.   But still, I might actually get my kid to school on time!


Of course if you are a Potterhead, there are so many other things you might gravitate towards for your own use. The Marauders map,  Floo Powder and Port keys, Extendable Ears, House-elves… just to name a few. Trust me this list is only the beginning of a very long conversation. We should grab a butterbeer sometime and discuss.

What would be your big 5?  Til our next adventure,

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