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We are entering my favorite season of the year: FALL!  This means changing leaves, cooler weather, pumpkin spice everything, and of course, Halloween!  If you’re like me, Halloween is one of those holidays that I look forward to for the entire year.  My family hosts a big costume party at our home to celebrate, and we go all out.  I have family costume ideas in mind for years to come, and start executing my plan months in advance (like, November 1st of the previous year). So, to help all of my fellow Halloween crazies Lovers, I created a list of ten tips for Halloween costumes for families.

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Family Halloween Costumes
Alice in Wonderland

Start early! 

Brainstorm and solidify your Halloween costume choices early.  Think about ideas for the whole family, sibling costumes, couples costumes, etc.  There is something for EVERYONE in the costume department and the Internet is your best friend to help find the right fit.  When in doubt, pick a favorite TV show, movie, cartoon, story, etc., and find characters from that.  I recommend NOT asking your children for their input and just making them do what you want.  If you’re excited, they may be excited too.  Hopefully.

Shop Early!

Whether you’re buying at a Halloween costume store, a local department store, or online, the sooner you can order, the better.  Pricing increases online as quantities dwindle, and most box stores do not restock costumes closer to the holiday to avoid overstock.  If you have time and money in June, get those costumes!  Just remember that kids grow.

Bargain hunt! 

If you like to piece together your own Halloween costumes (like me!), second-hand stores are your best friend.  This is a great way to save money, but you sometimes have to hit several stores over a few weeks to find the right pieces.  A little extra time makes all the difference, though.  If you want to purchase a complete, used Halloween costume at a thrift store, they are out mid to late September and can go quickly.  Just ask your local stores when they will be available so you can have the first pick.  Please, for the love of all things, WASH THEM before you wear them.  Ewww.

Don’t be afraid to cut, sew, and dye items for your costumes!  DIY is the new store-made!  Every year, I am able to find something close to what I need for a costume, but it may be the wrong color or missing an embellishment.  Get out the hot glue gun and buy some Rit dye to make the adjustments and it will look great!  Pro Tip: Nobody else cares as much about your costumes as you do, so don’t stress if it is not perfect!

Avoid Wigs when Choosing Halloween Costumes for Families

Wigs are the worst.  They are itchy, don’t stay in place, and are difficult to get on in the first place.  Skip them.  Spray your hair a different color for the night with $3.99 costume spray, or dare to be a blonde Dorothy.  Remember, nobody else really cares.

Remember the Stroller!

Do you have babies or toddlers?  Then think of a costume that factors in a wagon or stroller for Trick-or-Treating;  it’s a car, a boat, a fire truck, or even a pumpkin patch for your little pumpkin – the possibilities are endless, and you won’t be stuck holding your tyke for blocks and blocks while you beg for candy. 

Size Up! 

If you are unsure of sizing or in-between sizes, always buy the size bigger.  Safety pins can make a quick fix on the back of a costume that is a little big. You can also tack a hem on the bottom of pants in five minutes – or again, safety pins.  Another tip, if you can afford it, is to buy two sizes and return the one that doesn’t fit.  Be sure the store you are buying from (or online) allows for a return.  Many Halloween stores do not allow returns within 10 days of the holiday.  If you get stuck with a costume that cannot be returned, keep the original bag and put it online ASAP.  People hunt online (Facebook Marketplace is great!) for used costumes all the time and you may get lucky. 

Plan for the weather! 

Do you live in a hot climate?  The Abominable Snowman may not be the right choice for walking around.  Does it usually snow or rain on/around Halloween?  Find a costume that will fit over a warm jacket, snowsuit, and/or boots!  Costumes with masks or other identifying headgear are great for colder weather because you can recognize a costume even with a coat over it.  Hellooooo fireman hat, princess tiara, goblin mask – so many options.  Also, do you kids really care about the entire costume if someone is tossing candy at them?  No.

Comfort, comfort, comfort!!

The best Halloween costumes for families pull on easily, and/or consist of regular fabrics that will not itch, pull, or irritate in any way.  If you have a tutu, make sure you have something cotton under it to protect any skin.  If you have little kids, put their pajamas under their costume so you can strip them down and toss them (gently, calm down) into bed when you get home from trick-or-treating.  It will make your life much easier if everyone is comfortable, and your family may even want to dress up again next year!

Finally, forget everything, don’t plan at all, and buy a costume the weekend before because your kid is going to change their mind, anyway.  Unless you refer back to Rule #1 and just TELL them what they are dressing as this year.  Come on, Halloween costumes for families are the BEST!

Above all, have fun with your Halloween costumes!  This holiday is about being silly, using your imagination, and creating great memories for your family.  Happy Halloween (almost, in a month)!

Some Family Halloween Costume Favorites!

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