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Loosen your girdles or they might just pop from laughter! Kendra Karbowski is with us to chat about the “mom bod” – because who needs a six-pack when you’ve got snack packs, right? We’re diving into the hilarious and heartfelt side of body changes after kids. Get ready for some laughs and real talk!

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Jen:  Welcome to MomCave LIVE where we may have lost our minds, but we haven’t lost our sense of humor. I am losing my mind today. It’s been one of those days it was Mother’s Day, two days ago. Like everybody says, like, why is Mother’s Day at the end of the school year when all the things are happening? I have a great guest tonight. She’s a very funny stand up, Mama. She created Yer Mom’s Comedy Show. Everybody I would love for you to meet Kendra Karbowski.

Kendra Karbowski: Hello

Jen: Hi Kendra

Kendra Karbowski: How are you?

Jen: I am so well. I mean, I’m going insane with the end of the school year, the baseball, Teacher Appreciation Day and spirit week, but it’s all good. So Kendra, tell everybody how you got to be a comic. What’s your story?

Kendra Karbowski: Okay, well, I was newly married to my 2.0 and we moved to another state.

Jen: I like it Husband 2.0

How it Started

Kendra Karbowski: He was my upgrade. We moved to a new state, a new city didn’t know anybody. I was getting to know one of my neighbors and I was chatting with her, I was making her laugh and she said, “my friends opening a Funny Bone. You should go audition.” I’m like, “oh, I’ve never done stand up. I mean, I’ve done theater and stuff like that. But I’d never done stand up.” I went down and I auditioned. They just laughed, they loved it, and they said, “well, we’re not gonna get a house emcee right now, but thank you” and I said, “well, I just want to learn the business.”

From the Door to the Stage

So I got a job working the door and also being a bouncer. Yeah, me a bouncer. I basically, it consisted of me doing this. I got to meet so many fantastic comedians, Rocky Laporte, Etta May, Diane Ford, Jerry Corley, amazing people. Every one of them, if they would let me, I interviewed them. I’d say “was it worth it? Would you do it all over again? And what would you do different?” Because this was in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, that we had moved. If you’re at the Sioux Falls Funny Bone, well, you’re either on your way up, or on your way down and the ones on the way down were crabbit.

Sometimes I ended up with the features; but I’m still friends with like the big names like Rocky and Etta May and those. Just because I mean, it was my dream. I wanted to be Carol Burnett. When I was a kid, I wanted to be Phyllis Diller. I wanted to do all of those kinds of things. And finally, you know, here was my chance. So I did some open mics at the Funny Bone and I one funniest person. No, I went Last Comic Standing in Sioux Falls.

The Big Break in Comedy

So then I was able to open up for some comedians, and I just, that’s where it all started. Then I started doing corporate comedy. I tend to do clean comedy because what I found out when I interviewed those comedians years ago, was that how you made money, Because

Jen: Clean comedy, that’s what I’m doing wrong

Kendra Karbowski: In comedy, you make no money, but if you’re gonna go into like, corporate comedy, or get hired by someone, they want someone that they’re not going to get sued for something.

Jen: That makes sense.

Mom Bod and the Zoo

Kendra Karbowski: So our life was so crazy with my 2.0. He had two daughters. I had two sons; they were from ages three to 14. We ended up with let’s see, we had five fish, four kids, three cats, two dogs and one crazy mother. So now you know the code from my garage door.

Jen:  I’m coming

Kendra Karbowski: I mean they also had, oh my gosh, beta fish. So many fish, that just went wrong. A frog we had it either lived or died. It was just kind of interesting. We lived there for like 15 years and then we move back to Omaha, Nebraska, which is where I’m from and that’s where I am right now. Omaha’s comedy scene just went kaboom. And they had everything all of a sudden, everywhere you look there’s a Comedy Theater someplace to perform. And I did improv, which helped me with my shyness believe it or not.

Overcoming Shyness

Jen: you don’t look shy.

Kendra Karbowski: I was shy on stage and then then helping a lot. So it just grew. And there’s so many people that have come from Omaha, Nebraska, like Amber Ruffin. Adam DeVine, lots and lots

Mom Bod Comedy

Jen: So many people, comedy people. Well, I’m so glad that you got into comedy, because we need a little bit of a sense of humor about the topic, we decided we were going to talk about tonight,

Kendra Karbowski: right?

Jen: Is the whole concept of the mom bod.

Kendra Karbowski: Yes, When I first started doing stand up, I was like, I’m not going to do traditional women’s stuff. I’m going to do something different. And then I realized, you got to talk about the elephant in the room. This is who I am.

Jen: Right?


Image by freepik

Gravity v Mom Bod

Kendra Karbowski: This is the truth you know, and especially now that I’ve gotten older, and you realize that gravity is real, and things change and shift. Oh, be quiet. You look so young, and athletic and trim and I’ll hate you later

Jen: But why is it though, that? The whole like, remember when that Dad Bod became a thing? It was a good thing. It was like, oh, that’s just this guy’s competent and comfy in himself. And he doesn’t have to work out like crazy because he has a family and he’s so cute with his dad bod I’ve never heard anybody say “she’s so cute with her mom bod,” tell me, have you?

Kendra Karbowski: I’ve got a theory about the dad bod thing. I think moms started that to try to make themselves feel better about their husband with their hairy bellies.

Jen: Right, right.

Kendra Karbowski: Oh, he’s so cute. He’s just so comfy to lean on, he’s my pillow.

Dad Bods are a Lie

Jen: So you don’t think they really meant it.

Kendra Karbowski: I mean, if they knew all the stuff we go through, it was kind of fun. When guys started waxing. It’s like, you’re getting a little bit of what we’re gonna go in here. And then, you know, that was a surprise to me when I went from it was in between husband one and husband two and I was trying to do the dating thing. And I was in my mid to late 30s. I dated a guy 11 years younger. And I was like, I really wasn’t aware of this waxing and I’m like, didn’t you already go through puberty? I mean, there’s nothing here. I don’t know what’s going on

Waxing for Men?

Jen: It’s called a Brazilian one a man waxes the area? Is it still called a Brazilian because

Kendra Karbowski:  I don’t know. He I never I’m from Nebraska. So nobody went there. At least the guys I knew didn’t but just the chest is like where’d your chest hair go. Oh my gosh,

Jen: I’m not a fan of when the chest hair has been waxed. But then it starts growing back because it’s really prickly

Kendra Karbowski: It’s kind of like when they’re growing a beard. And it’s like, oh, you’re growing a beard. Why? You know, why is it okay for you not me.

Mom Bods Have Hair Too

Jen: I know. I’m like looking for the one tiny hair on my face with the tweezers and I have to be in the sunshine in the car because that’s the only place I can see it.

Kendra Karbowski: You know what I think? I think we need to start bragging about our mom bods because you know how men they brag about that fish that was “this long, this long”. Why are we going “Hey, I found that I found that chin hair I’ve been looking for three months and there she was.”

Jen: It was a three incher

Kendra Karbowski: It’s a record holder.

Jen: Start a TikTok just for our chin hairs.

Mom Bod Renovations

Kendra Karbowski: I mean, guys have a healthy appreciation for their own bodies. You know, I mean, if they probably pick on each other, but it’s nothing like us, but I just have to say that you have kids and it’s just like a house. It’s like the foundation starts to go. You got the floor going, the roofs caving in, the walls.

Jen: And you can’t afford to do a renovation because that cost a lot of money. So we like patch things up with duct tape and hope that it works

Fanny Pack Belly Flap

Kendra Karbowski: Hope for the best. Well, you know, we can talk about intimate things. I did actually go to my doctor and I asked a few questions I said, “so what’s going on when I started hitting menopause, what is going on. I mean, I get out of the shower and look like I’m wearing a fanny pack. What is this?”
Just I mean, even after I had my children, I always had a waistline but it’s like kaboom. It was like someone had pulled the button on one of those expandable life rafts and it’s like, what is this down here? So, there was that question and then you know, like I said, Thanks start to follow around and everything after you have two children because of your body is a temple. It’s a house. It’s like I had two really bad tenants. They just kicked the crap out of me.

Jen: It’s like a frat house, they ruined it.

Mom Bod Therepy

Kendra Karbowski: I actually I went to a doctor and I asked them and they said, well, “you know, we’ve got physical therapy for that” and I’m like, “You do?!”

Jen: Do I have time for it and does my insurance cover it? That’s what I wanna know.

Kendra Karbowski: It does, but I will tell you, it’s interesting, because like, when they’re checking things out, they’re like “squeeze my hand, but not with your hand.”

Jen: Oh, my!

Kendra Karbowski: So well, yeah, don’t go any farther with that.

Jen: I have heard, I have heard.

Mom Bod Boobs

Mombod Sagging Gravity 

Image by freepik

Kendra Karbowski: Well you know, it was really sad. It didn’t go until I was about 55ish. I guess prior to that, you know, like I said, I always had the smaller waist. But I am here to tell you if the good news, everybody talks about the bad news, which I did talk a little bit about.

Jen: Good news tonight.

Kendra Karbowski: The good news is I finally got boobs. I never had them. I now have them. And they get in the way you turn in your run into stuff. And it’s like, what is this? I don’t know.

Jen: I know, I finally have cleavage too, that I never had it in my whole life.

Kendra Karbowski: Me either. Me either. So that part was great. But you know, then sadly, you know you’ve got a little bit a little bit of gravity kind of changing things around. You got the continental drift. Things are changing,

Becoming Our Moms

Jen: My mom always went around the top button of her jeans unbuttoned and I thought that was like so uncouth and so weird. I’d be like, “Mom, what is the matter with you?” Now I do that too.

Kendra Karbowski: Then you finally give in and get the jeans that are either stretchy or have an elastic. But you know what used to make me so mad was men’s Dockers. I mean, if you shop for your husband, you know the men’s doctors, they have 20,000 Different kinds of Dockers, they got the kind with the elastic, they’ve got the kind with a little button inside so you can get a little extra space, the size. They have got it so that it is steam free and wrinkle free. And all this kind of stuff. And we get one flipping kind, you know, and we kind of doesn’t include elastic or a button moving and yeah, right. Like it’s wrinkle free. That’s a joke, because we’re women. We love to do that.

Secret Sauce

Jen: I don’t think I’ve ironed in years. I gave up. I don’t have the kind of job anymore where like I go into an office and I have to look iron. Okay. It’s something that needs ironing. That’s it. I’m just not going to do it.

Kendra Karbowski: Hey Downey spray. I love that stuff. Yeah, now you take the downy spray. And what you do is you pull it out damp, and you put it on your hanger and you form it, and then you spray it with the downy and pull it does pretty good on most stuff. So that was a blessing except you end up with a sticky floor.

Jen: If only we could do that on our midsections like if we could come out of the shower use a little downy spray could be and it would just hold it there. Downey the spray, I guess that’s not happening.

Botched Mom Bods

Kendra Karbowski: So during the pandemic, I did a lot of a lot of binge watching and there was a show I’d never seen before called Botched. Have you ever seen?

Jen: Yes, it’s horrifying

Kendra Karbowski: Where they have those mix ups and, man, it really started making me question some of my decisions. Like, did I really need a double implant? Or was one chin enough?

Jen: The more chin’s the better. You know, what? More to love. You know, I think a lot of the times we worry about these things when we’re young, because we’re like trying to attract the males, right? And now. I mean, at least I don’t care anymore. I’m married. I’m not going to be dating anytime soon.
It’s not about that but my husband has always as many things as I complain about with him. He’s very good. He’s always said that it’s only the gay male fashion designers that want women to be that skinny, and that real men, like women to have some heft to them. And so he’s always like actually telling me oh, you gained weight, you look good, or don’t lose any more weight. So I have him in my corner. Lovely.

Mom Bods Through Time

Kendra Karbowski: Well, that’s good, I mean, but like if you look at Marilyn Monroe, that woman was a nice little hourglass and you know, I came of age in the late 70s 80s. And that and who do we have? Cheryl Tiegs? Skinny girls skinny little lips skinny, skinny. I had the most natural, full, beautiful lips when I was younger. I would use makeup to hide them and re-line them because I didn’t want to use big puffy lips. Now it’s like people are killing themselves or like sucking into shot glasses. It’s like, oh, girls, don’t go there. I gotta ask you a question, I watched one of your videos and you guys said you were anti-Pinterest. I don’t know if that was when you first started.


Jen: I mean, I’m not anti that entire platform Pinterest. But when we did start MomCave and people were trying to we were trying to like come up with what is this? Right. And, that’s when I think that the whole landscape of mom bloggers and mom, bloggers and all was different. It was mostly all about really “Oh be perfect, like me and be the best homemaker.” And then I would look at that, and I would feel like crap. So that’s what started MomCave. But now we’ve got a lot more realness online. So that’s okay. But anyway. We don’t need to know everything we know now. But that’s where it came from. When someone was like, well, like, what kind of are you like, Mom bloggers, and we were like, No, we’re like the anti-Pinterest. Like don’t do what we do

Kendra Karbowski: You’re the hot mess moms.

The SUV Moms

Jen: Now that’s a whole thing. Have you heard about the black SUV versus the white SUV moms?

Kendra Karbowski: No, is this like the black and gold dress or something?

Jen: No. And it’s not about their actual race as in as in like the white. The African American moms who own the SUVs? No, it’s about the color of the SUV. Right?

Kendra Karbowski: Right. So is it like the horses in the west where you come in on the black one, and you’re a bad person coming in the white one? And oh, you’re Glinda? The good witch?

Jen: Apparently, if you have a white SUV, you know, like that mom, that’s got it all together. And she’s the class mom and your kids are on time and everything’s great and if you have a black SUV, you’re a disastrous mess and a little bit like rebellious.

It Ain’t Me

Kendra Karbowski: Like we get to pick out the color of our car. Okay, you’re getting it because it’s a good price or somebody else likes it. You know, it’s like, come on. I mean, I only got to pick out the color of one vehicle really in my life and it was a beautiful electric blue Durango. I’m like, God, this is a great car. Well, I was just hitting 40s or close. Let’s see, oh, I’m not good at math. Whatever. I was getting close to 40 and you still haven’t realized that the blooms off. You know that you’re maybe getting a little old and it’s like you’re driving around this car and you know, somebody’s looking at you. Guys looking at it like I’m still looking good and you realize it’s the car.

Jen: It’s the car, it’s the car.

Pinterest Moms

Kendra Karbowski: It’s the car and ain’t me, but now with the Pinterest when I first started doing comedy and stand up. I had a thing about the perfect moms, you know, and the perfect PTO mothers or whatever. It’s like, here’s my child Cayenne Sage’s they just room I made it with all recyclable materials. I did it in my part, I did it myself. In my part time when I was not homeschooling the whole neighborhood raising feral kittens and training for a marathon.

You want to smoke that woman. You just want to picture her having a small break down in a closet eating her kids chocolate candy.

Jen: Oh, I think she’s in a closet like drinking or something. or eating chocolate candy. Nobody can, can do all those things at once. I think we can do certain things well and then everything else goes to hell. Then you switch it around.

Solo Comedy

Kendra Karbowski: I enjoy doing my own solo comedy, which I do. I do a little bit more of the menopause, older stuff. Then in 2017, it’s been seven years since we started. I ran into another female comic because at that time, it was still not a lot of female comics; you’d see a show and there’s four guys and one female and usually the female is some girl like scantily clad, and it’s like, yeah, right.

I ran into another comic, and we started talking about mom comedy and we thought, well, that’d be a fun show to do and so we did our first Yer Mom’s Comedy Show. We had one other mom that was on and the age range of the kids ran all the way from, like nine. Now her youngest was two and then mine were in their high school years, 20s, whatever. And it was a lot of fun to be with other moms and perform. Hopefully at some time, we’ll get the other moms on here. But now we are at a point where the youngest kid is seven, and we’ve changed the lineup a few times. My oldest is 33 and I have a grandson who’s almost 12.

Jen: Congratulations.

Baby Weight

Kendra Karbowski: Yeah, we love him and hopefully we’ll get more grandchildren because the youngest one just got married. To tell you how long I’ve been doing comedy. I have had this joke and it still works. I just did it on a big Mother’s Day show where you can’t see the rest of the body and that’s okay. Where I say “I just want to clear up any misconceptions. I just want you to know I have had the baby. I’m just trying to get rid of the last of that baby weight. But it’s taken a while and I’m hoping by his next birthday.” Then I usually I do this joke when my youngest son is there and I go and “you’re turning 30 right?”

Jen: Yeah, give it up there’s no way

Yer Mom’s Comedy Show

Kendra Karbowski: We came up with Yer Mom’s Comedy Show Y. E. R. and for heaven’s sakes, if you look it up, make sure you put the word show on there because if you just go to Your Mom’s Comedy, it has nothing to do with mothers. It has a lot of graphic sexual positions that aren’t easy to do.

Jen: We couldn’t do this if we try it anymore probably.

Kendra Karbowski: Well we might break a hip and you know, I’m getting older. I don’t want to have to explain that to the grandkids or the kids “why is dad wearing pink fuzzy handcuffs?”

Jen: No, that would be a terrible moment. Well everybody go check out Yer Mom’s Comedy Show

Kendra Karbowski: Show.

Jen: Find out all about it. Thank you so much for hanging out with me tonight.

Kendra Karbowski: I’ve had so much fun. Thank you for having me. It’s great. I can’t wait to watch it and it will stay in infamy on your website for a while. And your website is?

Shameless Plug

Jen: Oh, thank you for the plug. I’m Jen from And you can find us on all social media sites. But we’re also on over 300 Smart TV channels. So if

Kendra Karbowski: Holy enchiladas really

Jen: Just go on your TV, and you can look up either the MomCave app, we have our own app, or you can go to like True TV plus, Carbon TV. We’re on there,


Kendra Karbowski: And YouTube,. Right now we are just basically on Facebook Facebook is our main mode because I’m the only one managing it. The other ones have young kids, they’re busy. They’re at ball fields, like you, the other day one said “I’m performing with dirt in my hair because I had five games before our show.” Yer Mom’s Comedy Show is only at Facebook, but you can find me on Instagram and I think it’s just Kendra like underscore Karnowski because that’s enough to remember or you can find it on my YouTube channel so, but I love spreading the laughter and we love keeping parents sane one punch line at a time.

Jen: Yes, let’s celebrate our mom bods. It’s been great talking to you. Have a great night bye.

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