Goody Spin Pin Mini Review & Tutorial | Hobbs & Hayworth

Hobbs & Hayworth are back with a review and tutorial of the Goody Spin Pin Mini.  (If you missed their last few hilarious champagne-fueled reviews, check them out here.)

In this episode, Harmony and Audrey attempt to use these thingys…

to create elegant updos. Will they succeed? Or just run out of champagne and resort to Boone’s Farm? Watch below. If you have a product you’d like Hobbs & Hayworth to review, let us know!


Goody Spin Pin Mini Review & Tutorial… sort of


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  • Elly Lonon – New Jersey – Writer of Wrongs, Defender of Ukuleles
    Elly Lou

    Forgive me, but those things look like cow IUDs.


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