Gifts of Experiences are a Parent’s Best Friend

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Are your kids’ Santa lists a mile long and a challenge to your budget, living space, and sanity? Parents want to give kids their heart’s desire. But sometimes their hearts desire things that will put us in the poorhouse, make huge messes, drive the rest of the family nuts (drum kit, anyone?), or just won’t be played with after Christmas morning. We’re huge fans of gifts of EXPERIENCES, both for kids and for the entire family. Check out these ideas for Christmas gifts of experiences that the whole family love.

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Tickets to a Live Sporting Event

There’s nothing like the experience of seeing a game you love played by the pros (or at least more pro than your kids’ team…) in a stadium full of cheering fans. All the things kids love are in huge supply. Junk food, desserts, loud music, and being allowed to scream their tiny little lungs out.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on tickets to see the pros. Seeing a minor-league baseball game can be just as fun and way more affordable.

Eat2Explore Boxes – Yummy and Educational Gifts of Experiences

Does your family love food as much as mine does? We LOVE culinary experiences of all kinds. And my kids get such a kick out of eating something they “cooked” all by themselves.

With Eat2Explore, you won’t only have something delicious to prepare and eat together, but you’ll learn all about new cultures in the process. With their Explore Boxes, you can choose which countries’ cuisine you’d like to same. A box will arrive with easy-to-understand lessons about the country and recipes to try. Many of the ingredients are included. There’s also a shopping list for any fresh items you need to add.

My daughter loved the little lapel pin included in each box and insisted on wearing it while cooking.

Once you’ve received your box, and bought any fresh ingredients, you’re on your way to a family edible educational journey!

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Indoor Playspaces for the Win!

If you have a kid who just won’t stop jumping on your expensive sofa, give them the experience gift of unlimited jumping at an indoor trampoline park. It’s great exercise, too. Make a day or it, or for an extra-special holiday gift, buy a membership. (Mom Hack: Most of these places have wifi, so after you get your cardio in with some jumping, go sit down within eyeshot of your kid and work… cough… cough… scroll TikTok on your phone.)

Plan an Amusement Park Visit

Fast rides and junk food!?? Yes, please. You can get the most mileage out of this experience gift by planning it well in advance, so your kids have something to look forward to. They can research which rides the park has and what shows they want to take in.

Younger kids sometimes do better at smaller, regional parks. They are more manageable and usually less expensive than big Mega-Parks.

Go to a “Fancy Dessert for Dinner” Place

If you have a restaurant in your area that does something like chocolate fondue, (Max Brenner is one national chain) make an event out of going. Get all dressed up. I’m talking New Year’s Eve dressed up–glitter and all-and for one night, all “finish your peas or no dessert” talk is off the table. (See what I did there?) Your family can have a fancy DESSERT dinner as a gift of an experience. It’s a kid’s dream come true.

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