5 Ways To Get the Most Out of the End of Summer

5 Ways To Get the Most Out of the End of Summer

It just kind of comes and goes, doesn’t it? Never asks permission to leave; it just runs. Summer is a beautiful time of relaxation, fresh air, and a welcome break from school and the colder seasons. But all good things must come to an end. Still, summer isn’t over yet, and we suggest you squeeze out every drop of it while you can. Let’s look at five ways to get the most out of the end of summer so that you can end summer feeling like you made great use of those sunny days.

Get To the Beach

You’ve no doubt already been to the beach, but now that the end of summer is closing in on us, it’s time to schedule one more day of sand between the toes. If you don’t schedule it, it won’t happen. We know; it’s a lot of work if you’re taking the kids (and yes, you have to unless you have a babysitter or you were lucky enough to find an affordable summer camp). Still, it’s worth all of the sand in the minivan for happy giggles on the beach.

Throw an End-of-Summer Bash

Listen, life is stressful—kids, careers, volunteering, family, school. We all need a break now and then, and summer is a great time for it. This may be your last chance for one more get-together before summer ends. Here are some ideas:

Simple Food

Keep it easy by ordering pizzas or have everyone bring a dish to pass.


Even if you’re all knee-deep in parenthood, you can still have a good time—just designate a few drivers, please. You know all those summer cocktails you were going to try? It’s now or never. Stock up on summer favorites like rum, which makes some of the best summer cocktails.

Don’t forget the kiddos. Create a little bar for them with the ingredients for kiddy cocktails, along with a dispenser full of lemonade.

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My favorite summer drink…
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Create some comfy seating on the deck, and light those tiki torches before you pack them away for the fall. Turn on the tunes, and enjoy a casual night together.

Road Trip

5 Ways To Get the Most Out of the End of Summer

It’s not too late for a quick family vacation. Road trips make planning quick and simple—and you don’t have to go far. Is there a state park you’ve never explored or family within a day’s drive? Get creative, and hop in the car for one last road trip before summer ends.


If the road trip doesn’t turn you on, how about a staycation? You simply take some time off work. You can enjoy relaxing at home or take some day trips. Staycations are often more relaxing than big vacations because they require less prep and little to no travel. We can all use a break.

Don’t Forget to Grill

Sounds simple enough, but do you ever notice how we’re so on fire (no pun intended) to grill in late May, then by August, we’ve forgotten our beloved grills? Add some grilled meals to the menu for the next few weeks. You’ll miss those burgers when the snow is falling.

Enjoy what’s left of the season with these five ways to get the most out of the end of summer. Think positive and enjoy every season, and before you know it, the beautiful sunshine will be back again.

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