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This series of live games for mothers is sponsored by Piper Lou Collection, our favorite place to find clothing and drinkware that says it like it is.

When you hear “games for mothers,” do you think cutsie little baby shower games like “Guess the Size of the Baby?” 🤣 Do you even know us at all?? Here on MomCave, “games for mothers” means something much more fun than that!

Once the kiddos are in bed on Wednesday nights, we bring out our teacups or wine glasses (your choice!) and play games like “I Never: Mom Version” and “Parenting Truth or Dare.” The broadcast streams on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. (And maybe TikTok if we can figure that shizz out…) Obviously, this is all done remotely. Because we can’t ever find a babysitter… and I bet you have the same problem.

MOM GAMES is fully interactive, meaning YOU (yes, YOU!) can join in the games in the comments or even be invited on camera, if you wish. Or you can be a laughing comment lurker. Whatever makes the end of your long day mommin’ more enjoyable for you.

Sponsored by Piper Lou, we’ll give away some of their snarky, fun merch every week.

MOM GAMES Sponsored by Piper Lou — Games for Mothers MomCave-Style

Not familiar with the jewel of an online shop that is Piper Lou? You’ve got to check it out. They sell all kinds of shirts, hoodies, hats… thermoses to keep your coffee hot and wine tumblers to keep your vino cool. All with laugh-out-loud quotes, sayings, and pop culture references. Though we’re partial to their mom-themed merch, you can also find stuff for kids, dads, and professions like nurses and teachers. They personalize stuff, too!

And…. they’re giving all us MomCavers (that means YOU!) *Unlimited Buy 1 Get One Free* with code MOMCAVE. So go add a bunch of stuff to cart for the holidays.

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They also have a super-exclusive VIP list for Black Friday. Go sign up here to get early access to the Black Friday deals and up to 70% off!

While 90% of Piper Lou is focused on fun/snarky/drinking designs, there is another part that is focused on giving back. Piper Lou donates 100% of Net Profits to many awesome charities. Everyone has been affected by various forms of cancer and other diseases. They work with vetted charities to sell items that are fashionable and functional, to raise awareness for those causes. Piper Lou prefers to work with small charities so that way our donations can be really impactful to how they operate.

Meet and Play MOMGAMES with some of the Internet’s Funniest Mamas

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Watch MOMGAMES Wed 8pm EST

Every week, we feature a guest that will have us all laughing our mama-sized butts off as we play the kind of games for mothers that WE enjoy. The inaugural guest was Lauri Walker, from Mama Need a Nap. This mom of four runs a day-care by day and drinks and swears with us by night. We played the mom version of “I Never.”

For our second episode, we’re joined by Rachel Sobel from Whine and Cheez-its. We’re psyched to play our version of “F*ck, Marry, Kill” with this divorced and remarried funny mom.

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