Here Are 17 Reasons Why Game Of Thrones Is Exactly Like Parenting

Game of Thrones is a lot like parenting! 17 Reasons why from MomCaveTV

There are two things I happily look forward to each year; one is the start of a new school year and the second is a new season of Game of Thrones. Watching over the past seven seasons has become a ritual in my house. Each Sunday we put the kids to sleep a little extra early so we can prepare ourselves for a new emotionally charged episode.

However nothing is more emotional than the season finale and the impending realization that I have to wait a whole year for a new season, and now TWO YEARS for season 8.

But after watching year after year it finally dawned on me that there’s no need for me to wall slide in complete hysterics in anticipation for the next season. Why? Cause I’m living my very own season of Game of Thrones, a season that never ends, it’s called parenting.

So what exactly does Game of Thrones have in common with parenting? Well, the answer is EVERYTHING!

*Warning this post contains spoilers. Before you read this I suggest you clear your schedule and watch the entire series then come back to this post.


Here are a 17 ways Game of Thrones is exactly like parenting:

Because this is Game of Thrones I cannot start my list without a proper opening. I suggest reading while listening for fuller effect.

Don’t Raise Asshole Kids

game of thrones

We as parents have one job in life, and that’s not to raise little Joffrey’s.

There’s A Lot Of Wine Involved

game of thrones

The battle for the Iron Throne and parenting requires much wine.

There’s Always Someone Ready To Shame You For Your Parenting Choices

game of thrones

Just when you think you’re doing something for the betterment of your child a sanctimommy comes along to tell you how much you’re fucking up.

We Feel How Melisandre’s Looks Without Her Broach After A Long Day

game of thrones

When you realize you’re worn out AF after the kids have gone to bed and all you wanna do it go to bed.

Your Baby Daddy Shouldn’t Be Your Brother

game of thrones

This should be a given, but if you were thinking it. (And while we later accept aunt and nephew relations I also suggest steering clear of this as well.)

You Don’t Have To Give Birth To Be A Mother

game of thrones

Daenerys shows us that you don’t have to physically give birth to be a mother. Motherhood comes in all forms, including our children which could be fur babies or dragons.

Daughters Are Kickass

game of thrones

Let’s not forget to teach our daughters to be tough. Recognize that not every little girl will love pink and dolls. Some will love sparring and settling family scores.

Mothers Do What They Gotta Do For Their Kids

game of thrones

We love our young and will do anything to protect them. Anything.

Kids Know How To Work The System Of Getting Over

game of thrones

Kids are cunning. Don’t let that small body and cute face fool you.  They will work you over to get what they want at any cost.

Let The Kids Know Who’s In Charge

game of thrones

Sometimes kids get a little crazy and that’s when they need to know we aren’t gonna take their shit.

Kids Are Like White Walkers

game of thrones

Just when you think you’ve put the kids to bed they rise up for a cup of water, another kiss or to wreak more havoc.

Lock The Bathroom Door

game of thrones

It doesn’t matter if you live in Westeros or some state, USA when a parent is on the porcelain throne a kid no doubt will find their way in. Remember to lock the door.

Promises, Promises, Promises

game of thrones

Parents are always making their kids make promises to be obedient, even though sometimes it doesn’t happen.

Don’t Play Favorites With Your Kids

game of thrones

No child should ever feel slighted or worse not loved at all. Treat all your children equally.

You Realize You’re Not Cut Out For Parenthood

game of thrones

The kids are here and now you’re feeling overwhelmed and it dawns on you that you really didn’t want to be a parent in the first place. You love them but you realize you’re going to spend a lifetime trying to make up for not being parent of the year.

We Are All Jon Snow

Ygritte is right. We know nothing. There’s no parenting manual that comes with our babies. We simply figure shit out as we go along, and hope it’s right.

Our Kids Can Be Real Beasts

At some point in our parenting lives are are all mothers’ of dragons. Kids can be sweet one minute and full on beasts the next, especially when siblings are involved.

So remember….

game of thrones

Oh, and for no reason whatsoever here’s Khal Drogo. You’re welcome.

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