Bohemian Rhapsody Mom Parody by MyLifeSuckers is Spot-On!

Deva MyLifeSuckers My Life Suckers Let It Go

It’s a Bohemian Rhapsody Mom Parody!

You already know we are big fans of Deva aka MyLifeSuckers, maker of hilarious mom-themed parody music videos like Let it Go and What Does the Kid Say? She was even a guest on MomCave LIVE a while back. (check out video below) Now, Deva’s back with her most hilarious mom parody yet!

Her newest comic masterpiece is the a Bohemian Rhapsody Mom Parody that is not only funny, but also touching… (though that could be my pregnancy hormones talking!) It’s got mamas in white jumpsuits, mom harmonies, and special effects. Not to mention a rascal of a little girl who steals the show at the end.

Check it out and subscribe to Deva’s YouTube channel.

Deva MyLifeSuckers My Life Suckers Let It Go Bohemian Rhapsody Mom Parody

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