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Full Metal Mommy Chrissy Howe Kids Sports Momcave

Full Metal Mommy Chrissy Howe stars in an all new episode of Blabbermom

What happens when you have a very athletic husband and a not so athletic kid? Kid’s sports can be rough.. and expensive!

Watch Chrissy’s story and then scroll below the video for sporty quotes from funny mamas.

Full Metal Mommy and her NON-Sports Kid

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  • My son did soccer through his daycare which meant he got lessons and I didn’t have to stand in the rain and buy oranges. He liked being goalie so he could block shots like he does my numerous requests to put his shoes on so we can go to the store. -Alison Tedford, Sparkly Shoes and Sweatdrops

  • Sometimes kids love sports and sometimes they chase butterflies instead of the ball. #LifewithBoys

  • My daughter has always enjoyed being active, but has never gravitated to one sport that she truly loves. We’ve dabble in the usuals, like dance, soccer and gymnastics, but it has often been a big fight getting her out the door. Lately we’ve been registering her in art and music classes, and she is SO excited to go to her weekly class. I know we’ve found her true passion when it isn’t a struggle Kids in the Captial

Full Metal Mommy Chrissy Howe Kids Sports Momcave


  • A good sport may not be great with the puck or stick, but he will be great at life. Not every kid is made for sports – cheer for them in whatever they are good at! -Sandi Allen, Canadian Blog House

  • Guiding your child to find the best sport for them–whether it be the obvious choices like soccer or basketball to more unique ones like rollerblading or archery–is a beautiful path to building their self-esteem and allowing them to feel part of a special community that shares their interests. -Sandi Schwartz, Happy Science Mom

  • Sometimes it takes trying many things to find the right fit. Be open. Find trials,camps and activities with a shorter commitment; it’ll be easier to find something they love and less stress when they want to move on. Finding your passion is a great learning experience for all of us and it is great to start early. -Helisa Duplassie, www.bcmom.ca



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