Sample the Sweetness of Parenthood with These Freebies for Expecting Moms

Sample the sweetness of parenthood with freebies for expecting moms picture of toddler face-first in cake

You just got the news. You’re pregnant, Congratulations! But celebrations seem to sour once the expenses start to roll in.

Expecting moms have so many things they need to buy to prepare for the baby and prepare yourself for that bill because it will cost you an arm, a leg, and every other bone in your body!

Pregnancy can be very overwhelming, not to mention contractions and false alarms. However, spending is not everything expecting mothers must do.

Freebies are the key to saving up and getting some great goodies for expectant moms! Luckily, this article covers more than a few of them that will have you weeping in joy, wiping your tears away with a box of free baby wet naps!

Free baby formula for expecting moms

Enfamil Family Beginnings Pack

Like the little divas they are, many babies only like certain types of baby formulas.

That does not mean you dump a ton of your grocery budget into getting different types of baby food. The Enfamil Bundle is the money-saving formula to the baby food equation… Yes, the pun was necessary.

Expecting mothers can get in touch with Enfamil, and they will send a variety of different samples to find out which ones work for your baby.

To sweeten the deal, they also offer a list of rewards and discounts for expecting moms if they go forward with Enfamil for their babies. If the rewards are not to your liking, there are many discount websites like Emucoupon on the internet that also offer you discount coupons more suited to your baby formula needs!

Similac Rewards for Expecting Moms

The Similac Rewards program is a great way to obtain some free baby formulas to see which ones your baby likes. You do not have to dump money into baby food only to find out that your baby is not fond of them. Similac provides expecting mothers with a lot of goodies, such as a Shutterfly photo book to help your baby’s first smile or their first steps.

Not only do you get the free photo book, but the program offers discounts of up to 25% on your orders as well.

Free baby boxes for expecting mothers

Amazon Registry Baby Box

If you are an Amazon Prime member, then expect a plethora of baby products.  It’s like a free box of chocolates, but for expecting moms!

The Amazon baby box is free and comes with 10 items, such as a swaddling blanket, a baby bottle, a onesie, and many other goodies for your little rascal. 

To redeem this baby box, all you need to do is to sign up for Amazon Prime if you have not already, and create an Amazon Baby Registry, you will then need to complete 60% of the registry checklist, make at least $10 worth of purchases from your registry and you are now qualified for the Amazon registry baby box.

The $10 spending fee turns many people away since they think that the box is not worth it. But with the baby products in the box, you will be saving a lot of money which is worth the hassle.

If all goes well, this gift will not take 9 months to arrive but will be delivered to your doorstep within a few days!

Pro tip: Do not remove any bought item from the registry as there have been instances where this triggers Amazon to charge you the full $35 fee.

Target Welcome Kit

If you like to shop at Target, then the Target registry box is a bullseye! Get it? Because Target… and… Anyways!

Target has a reputation for spoiling their customers and they have pulled all stops on freebies for expecting moms! The Target Welcome Kit contains many items for your baby that are worth up to $100!

This amount is much more than what other welcome kits offer and is justified. It contains baby essentials including but not limited to 3-packs of diapers, a 10-pack of water wipes, breast milk storage bags, and many other must-haves for all expecting mothers.

So, make your way to your nearest Target and save $100 on baby products today!

Tip: These welcome baby boxes are hard to come by, so make sure to call your local Target beforehand to confirm their availability.

Walmart Registry Box

The Walmart Baby Box is the easiest to get your hands out of all the other kits mentioned in the list. All you have to do is to register with the store and you can redeem this freebie, no strings attached!

You might think this box might not contain as many products because of how easy it is to get one. That is not the case however, as the box contains just as many if not more important freebies for expecting moms, like bottles and diapers for the mom, and hydration powder packets for the moms,

Final Words

Expecting mothers already have a lot of burdens on their shoulders. From the hospital bills that keep racking up after each visit to all of the shopping they need to do to prepare for the baby.

However, redeeming the items mentioned on this list will significantly help you obtain helpful freebies and discount coupons for your baby, lessening the burden bit by bit.

Freebies for Expecting Moms   toddler face-first in cake

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