Our Gift in the New Year: FREE Online Summit on Divorce Recovery

free online divorce recovery summit

This is a guest post and offer for a free online divorce recovery summit from Wendy Sterling.

Divorce sucks.  Ask anyone who is going through it or has been divorced.  And if they tell you otherwise, they are lying. You lose time with your kids, MONEY, half of everything you own . . . and that is just the beginning.  Some of us lose friendships and/or a chunk of our income.  OUCH! But the worst of it all is losing your identity. You saw yourself through the lens of being part of a couple.  You had dreams and hopes. You have no idea what to do, where to turn, how to recover or why this is happening FOR YOU.

Divorce happens – period.  Not to you.  And you have the power of choice to see it as the worst thing that has ever happened in your life or you can use it to hit the reset button.  How many people in life have that choice? Well, over 50% of the country if you look at the current divorce rate.  Yet so few of those people actually move through and past their divorce. Those that stay stuck are full of fear, shame, and anger.  They hide because they don’t want anyone to know or “label” them as divorced. After all, they don’t look like someone who should be getting divorced.  None of us do. Yet we walk around feeling like there is a cow branding on our forehead. So instead of hiding, what might be possible if you feel the pain and see divorce as a gift?  It will be the best one you ever gave to yourself.

We want to hide and pretend our world isn’t crumbling.  We bury our emotions and wish them away. We silence our voice.  And then one day you look in the mirror you see a shell of a human someone who lost their voice, faith, happiness and way of life.  Admitting it feels awful yet at the same time it was is what you have to do. And the only person who gets hurt is you. Confronting ourselves and emotions are crucial to the healing process.  So is asking for help. We are our own WORST accountability partner. Some of us seek solace in Facebook groups where people try to “one up” each other.  So instead of receiving the support and advice they need, they stay in their pity party. And it becomes a never-ending cycle because we seek comfort in what we know – our victim story.  It’s safe and comfortable. You are not alone. Most of us avoid emotion because we think it will break us or make us weak. We are afraid if we collapse we will never get back up. Break downs move you towards breakthrough and ignite strength inside like you’ve never known.  Right about now you have doubt creeping in alongside hope. Let hope have a voice right now. Because hope keeps our dreams alive and propels us forward. What if I give you some to start you on your way?  

Our Gift: Free Online Divorce Recovery Summit

I’ve created the FIRST OF ITS KIND SUMMIT AROUND DIVORCE called The Divorce Recovery Made Easier Summit: How to Heal, Rediscover Your Identity and Confidently Create the Life You Want.  You will hear from amazing experts who all became better versions of themselves and created amazing lives after divorce.  It doesn’t matter where you are in your divorce. This summit is for everyone! Each expert not only provides tips, tools, and advice, but also FREE gifts to help you navigate your process.  Imagine dating guides, 1:1 consultations, worksheets, bonus podcasts, and so much more!  

It launches on Tuesday, February 4, 2020 with over 20 video interviews covering topics like “Should I Stay or Should I Go”, “What the Heck is a Divorce Coach”, “How To Punch Fear In The Face” and so much more!  To learn more about it please listen to Jennifer Hurvitz’s podcast, Doing Divorce Right.  You MUST sign up to gain FREE access!  The interviews are 25-30 minutes in length and may be listened to anywhere – in the car, on a walk, at home.  Think of it as your on-the-go divorce support group.  You don’t want to miss this – the videos will only be available for a limited time.  To get access, please sign up HERE.  I can’t wait to see you there!


Wendy Sterling

About Wendy Sterling

Establishing her career as a top-level advertising sales executive in the digital space, at the world’s most progressive social and lifestyle website brands (such as Who What Wear and Refinery29), Wendy Sterling had it all… successful career, two beautiful children, and a (seemingly) devoted husband. But after enduring a traumatic and unexpected divorce, Wendy’s entire world was rocked to its core. And it was in that dark moment when she decided to screw the “poor me” attitude, and allow her sass to emerge alongside her class.

Leveraging decades of experience as a mentor, problem-solver and strategic thinker, Wendy followed her heart and rebooted her career. After endless training she transformed her mission into being a Divorce Recovery Specialist … with the goal of helping divorced women to put an end to their pity party and recreate post-divorce YOU 2.0. Wendy provides a tough-love approach to push her clients to rediscover their dormant mojo and inner bad ass selves. 

Through her wildly successful The Divorce Rehab™ program, alongside the supportive community she’s built, Wendy not only helps countless women push through the pain of their divorce, but with her help, they become their most confident, positive, energetic and sassiest selves yet!

Wendy currently lives in Sherman Oaks, CA with her two amazing boys, 13 and 10 and their dog, Max. Visit https://www.wendysterling.net/

free online divorce recovery summit


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